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Praise and Recommendations:

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The rules of the business world have changed – and nobody has full grasp of the new reality. This book is an important step leading the business leaders towards the new normal. From use of technology to outsourcing to innovation – the breadth and depth of thinking is seminal and intense. The best part about this book is the actionable nature of the content.

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Once every few years a business book comes along that stands far above the clutter, that has more than one single idea, that is based on solid research, that related theory and models to the real time business, and that is still ahead of the curve. This is one of those rare books. I will buy hundreds of copies and give them to my suppliers, customers and other business network partners. I think it is well worth the expense to orchestrate a business network when everyone is singing from the same song sheet.

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If you buy only one business book this decade, make sure this is the one. Your entire way of looking at business world will change for good. You will discover hidden treasures in business networks you did not even know existed. Keep it on your bookshelf, give it to your key employees and friends, and make sure your enemies do not get hold of this book.

Cooma Chelliah – Chief Executive Officer, Jardine Thompson and Ex Chief Executive Officer – Encyclopedia Britannica Australia


In the high volatility environment, if you are running a portfolio of supply chain purchase worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year, there is no other way to mitigate the enormous risk than by managing the business network extremely carefully. This book expounds and builds on some of the techniques I have utilized for risk management. There is no doubt business networks are powerful beyond belief and useful beyond comparison.

Hugh Robertson, Ex Director – Commodities and Risk, Weston Milling


The speed of innovation is multiplied many times over. Use of 5-STAR Business Networks help to multiply this speed of innovation and if your company is not using these 5-STAR Business Networks for Innovation then it is likely very soon your company will fall behind your competitors. That is how the chemicals companies are changing their business models from sellers of commodity chemicals to solution sellers, and most other industries are creating new business models today.

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From the Inside Flap:

Congratulations. By taking this book into your hands you will discover many new concepts applicable in the real business world. It is not written for everyone, but it is an absolutely must to own and read for those who want to embrace the developments of traditional businesses into modern networks, to go beyond existing boundaries by adopting the key principles of modern supply chain management and to understand why being a stable and trustful part of a network can multiply the value of your own business many times over. Business networks without legal or political restrictions will dominate and determine our future. The needs of individuals and the ultimate end-users of the value chain will be in the foreground and shift the priorities of the past, where manufacturers and suppliers of products dominated the business. Today’s business models must be turned upside down to create new and effective structures including innovative procedures. Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain Excellence as well as innovative Network Management are the keys to success.

This book will show you where and how to walk into the future with your business. Some proven and good examples lead the way forward. But, do not copy them, take your own route or take a scout to avoid mistakes and disappointments. If you are on the right track, I can guarantee you to multiply the value of your business by many times. Being a trustful partner in a stable and reliable network increases the value of a company to unbelievable dimensions. Investors will pay you a premium for this strategy! And, the costs will decrease dramatically because you use the strengths and resources of other network partners without investing in expensive capacities.

Therefore, this book can change the world into a better one, if the messages are understood and applied thoroughly.

Be excited and enjoy reading!

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http://www.greeleycounty.org/pharmacy.php?bing=cost-of-crestor-generic cost of crestor generic Co-Founder of Supply Chain Management

From the Back Cover


This book offers a breath of fresh air in the world of business strategy dominated by the staid Ivy League thinking which cannot see beyond its very own doorsteps. When everybody is thinking alike – in general – nobody is thinking at all. This book will force you to think afresh – and it will show you how to apply your thinking in the changing business environment to create new business models that suit the modern business reality a lot more.

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From the outset, it is clear that Vivek Sood brings passion, intelligence, and uncommon insight to his topic – understanding and interpreting for the reader the powerful influence and value of the business networks that underlie success in the modern world. Well-researched, broad-reaching, and with a refreshing “outsider” perspective free of academic jargon, this practical book will give you insights you can use to create and leverage these powerful networks in your own business – a must-read for anyone who wants to understand and use one of the most powerful forces at work in today’s hyper-connected world.

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I have been most impressed with the business acumen and insights in these pages. The author has clearly become an authority in his logistics and management field worldwide. His book is a gem to be read and appreciated by all those who desire to be on top of current managerial thinking and desire to reap the benefits of his experience and capacity. I recommend this to all. I certainly will use this book in my practice and benefit from it personally. I recommend it to my students interested in consulting, operations and logistics. A must and worthwhile read!

Lin Giralt

Adjunct Professor and Lecturer, Rice University

Jones Graduate School of Business, Houston


This book shines out of the pile not because it is an in-depth and original look into the power of the business networks, but because its author applied in it his rare passion, vision, common sense and innovation, which are core for today’s business evolution, achieving results and leading and inspiring for a better world. Read this book if you want to be inspired in your daily activities, regardless of whether you are a chairman or a student – it has it all for everybody!

http://frikiplaza.com/pharmacy.php?bing=online-cialis-no-prescription online cialis no prescription Andrey Manev CEO, HUS


5-Star Business Networks is the new model that makes the existing model obsolete. In these rapidly changing times new systems and tools are needed. Authentic leadership and emotional intelligence is being used within global 5-Star Business Networks to build trust and better results. This is the new economic currency.

Phil Johnson

Organizational Development Author, Speaker, Teacher and

Coach President, Master of Business Leadership Inc., Toronto


“5-Star Business Networks is like a piece of brain stolen from the head of a visionary CEO. Collaborate and get bigger, better, faster.”

Dr. Satasuryaa K. Sharma – Chairman, National School of Leadership.

About the Author:

Vivek has earned accolades and respect for the thoroughness of research and quality of insights emanating from his consulting work over the last 15 years. Before setting up Global Supply Chain Group in January 2000, Vivek worked with a top-tier management consulting firm Booz Allen & Hamilton in their Sydney office. Vivek has delivered results for the CEOs, top management and boards on more than 150 projects around the world, working alongside personnel at all levels of organisations. Vivek specialises in Chemicals, Explosives, Heavy Industry, Agri -Business and Resources industries where Vivek spend most of his early career training from a cadet to a Master Mariner in Merchant Navy. Vivek holds a Masters in Laws (University of London), and an MBA with distinction from the Australian Graduate School of Management, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. Following are some of the recommendations from Vivek’s LinkedIn profile.


“Vivek has that special talent, total commitment to what he believes in. We worked together on the book “Green Supply Chains” when his talent on the topic was most evident. We were able to harness and then explode his years of practical knowledge and application into the book.”

Stuart Emmett, CEO, Learn & Change Limited


“Vivek’s company, Global Supply Chain Group, created outstanding results in configuring global supply chain where none existed in an industry which is still finding its moorings. While the investments are huge, the responsibility to ensure these are wisely made is even bigger. Thanks to Vivek’s team we successfully ensured our investments were wisely made.”

Bernhard Voll, Director of Engineering, Graphite Energy


“Vivek is one of those rare top-tier thought leaders in the world of Supply Chains who combine immense practical experience with a very high level strategic thinking to create unique and invaluable supply chain solutions.”

Ben Gordon, Managing Director, BG Strategic Advisors

This book is available here

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