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(Two Days Workshop With Immediate Results) 

Vivek Sood In Singapore

Mr. Supply Chains' Cost Leadership Workshop For Business Transformation Executives:

  • Find BIG Cost Savings where others cannot see any possibilities of more savings.
  • Lift the game one notch - make sustainable and long lasting savings, not leaky savings that disappear.
  • Harness higher faculties of your mind, and your teams' minds to challenge assumptions that must be challenged now.

Every company has gone through multiple rounds of cost cutting in the last 3-5 years

So, Even More Cost Savings Appear Impossible

Many companies have worked with renowned consulting companies for cost cutting exercises:

  • Paid Top Dollars
  • Assigned Internal Teams That Worked Very Hard
  • Quarter After Quarter
  • Tracking Every Cost Savings Project

Yet they are struggling to hold on to the savings already made.


In many case, existing savings are starting to unravel, and blow up costs in other places.  Suppliers are starting to hit back, somehow clawing back some of the 'so called' savings. 

Overall, it is not a healthy situation.  Many people think that the situation in their company is unique and intractable.

What if there was a way, to stand back from it all, and open your eyes to a new source of savings that none has touched yet?

“Is it even possible to GET MORE COST SAVINGS?”

This workshop is for all those people who want to explore never ending business improvement possibilities, who want to see what other sources of cost reduction exist beyond the first few rounds.

If you choose to attend this workshop, you should be able to generate the following benefits:

Further Cost Reductions

Using NOVEL TECHNIQUES discover what cost structures, and performance are possible in an unconstrained environment and how to apply new structures to achieve savings beyond what was thought possible.

Sustainable Savings

Forget about leaky savings that seem to disappear overnight, after the consultants' bills have been paid. You have to live with the consequences of the projects long after the consultants are gone. 

Game Changing Breakthroughs

Discover what assumptions must be challenged today, and how to do so? Uncover numerous common and hidden assumptions, some of which are deleterious.  

"Not your ordinary class - A Workshop from a TRUE MASTER..."

"Out of over 250,000 supply chain professionals in the world today, there is only one true master who understands and explains the material so succinctly that you can use it tomorrow in your office. When I ran a supply chain worth over $2 Billion, I used these workshops for my teams and derived great and lasting benefits, generating millions of dollars worth of sustainable savings."

- Tony Fedorowicz (Ex - Head of Asia Pacific Supply Chain, Orica)

From Close-Up The View is Condensed:

After working diligently on cost cutting for years, your team is too close to the existing business model, and its current cost structure. 

In this current cost structure, all of the most obvious opportunities have been already harvested.

It appears that there is no more fruit in the tree 

that everything useful has been harvested

Distance and Elevation Changes The Perspective  of Your Entire Team

What Will be Discussed In


Wisdom and Experiential Learning

Codified knowledge gleaned from the experience of decades of real life business transformations around the world. This knowledge base is founded on working inside and alongside more than 4,000 companies including the supply chain partners of clients.

  • What does it take to make the journey from a poor cost structure to a good one? 
  • What are the key milestones along the way? Are there any guidelines?
  • What are the seven key mistakes that companies make along the journey?

How to Turn a POOR (Old Generation) cost structure into a GOOD (New Generation) cost structure?

Sustainable, New, Generation Cost Structure Mind-set

Know a GOOD savings opportunity when you see one?

By definition, good savings opportunities are relatively rare. You will see a lot of bad ideas disguised as good saving opportunities. Engineering excellence, or sheer marketing brilliance can generate high revenues and margins, disguising mediocre cost structures in many companies. 

Applauded by Presidents and Board Members:

Why having a GOOD (New Generation) cost structure could make your business 3 times or more profitable than having a POOR (Old Generation) cost structure?

Who Will Benefit Most From This Workshop?

This masterclass is not just for supply chain professionals. In fact, it is for professionals from all walks of life. If you are in a position to influence the direction of your business, or you are near the top (top 3 levels in this picture), this masterclass is for you.

If you are in levels iii, iv or v in any part of your company, you should do your best to attend this masterclass. This is a unique opportunity to learn how to use supply chain to YOUR best benefit.


“When I engaged Vivek’s services for supply chain transformation in one of the companies I was heading, we expected the careful and methodical approach that he was famous for. I was already convinced that critical business turnaround can only be achieved by taking an end-to-end supply chain approach to this transformation. I was pleased to note that the original target set for 3 years was surpassed by almost 70% in just 18 months – providing graphic evidence of the full power of these ideas in action.”

- Philippe Etienne, Managing Director Orica  (Source: Foreword, OUTSOURCING 3.0)

"Saved some serious money..."

“My team’s energy in the workshop was channelled into 2 improvement initiatives that quickly saved us some serious money and solved a chronic customer service problem. I haven’t seen the guy’s this excited, they talk about some lesson from the workshop at all our meetings.”

- Wayne Klose, Supply Chain Manager Philips Dynalite

"Haven't forgotten a single iota of knowledge"

“Their workshop engaged my professional teams with the content that was being presented. Whilst learning, my people were having fun and haven’t forgotten a single iota of knowledge they gained”

- Nick Cakovski, GSF Fresh! Director Supply Chain

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GOOD (New Generation) Cost Structures Yields the Following Benefits:

  • More profits
  • Less headache
  • More time to plan and manage
  • Happier customers, and happier bosses
  • Higher bonuses

"For you - are any of these things worth having?"

Only one idea from the Workshop will pay for the cost of attending the Workshop. Rest of the ideas are free for you!

Places in each city are strictly limited, and available selectively on first come, first serve basis. We expect all places to be full, so we encourage you to apply earliest possible.


 in the 40 years since supply chain was ‘co-invented’, FEWer than a handful of people on earth acquired the breadth and depth of supply chain expertise to create holistic business transformations, and maximise profitability.

With his deep experiential wisdom and practical transformative mindset, Vivek creates and uses uniquely useful conceptual frameworks.

From humble beginnings as a sea cadet at the age of 17, in his first career Vivek rose to become a Master Mariner and a leader of excellence and integrity. After completing an MBA from Australia’s leading management school, The Australian Graduate School of Management, he started his second career at the Sydney office of Booz Allen & Hamilton, a global strategy consulting house.

At a time of intense confusion between logistics and SCM, Vivek sought out one of the people who ‘invented’ SCM in the late 70’s and worked with him to learn the ropes from the beginning. Dr. Wolfgang Partsch later ended up becoming a senior partner in the SCM strategy consulting company Vivek co-founded. After working in Booz for a few years, to understand the inside stories of SCM systems, Vivek worked with Mercia Software a UK origin supply chain software company specializing in demand planning, inventory planning and fulfillment strategies.

In January 2000, he co-founded Global Supply Chain Group which he continues to steer with a single passion – creating, configuring and formulating effective, secure and sustainable global supply chains. This passion has taken him to more than 100 countries to work with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to some of the most innovative brands on earth today. With more than 400 small and large scale transformation projects to his credit, he has led operational and business network transformation in diverse industries such as Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Retail, Heavy Machinery, Mining Services, Chemicals, Oil and Gas, Industrial Explosives and Beverages. Each project has successfully made a real difference and added value to the client’s business, and adding up to more than $1.5 Billion over the last 17 years.


Vivek was an advisory board member of the influential industry body Supply Chain Asia from its foundation in 2005 to 2012. Via his blogs, books, LinkedIn groups and other electronic media, Vivek has a social media followership of over 45,000 SCM professionals globally. Drawing from professional experience, Vivek has shared his insights in the blog “A Profitable Dialogue”, which is becoming increasing popular. 

Vivek has written, or co-written, 4 highly influential and seminal books in his area of expertise. He is also a regular contributor to many thought leading magazines and publications. As much as he is passionate about transforming supply chains, Vivek considers sharing knowledge one of the greatest joys in life, by speaking at business schools, conferences, forums and workshops around the world. Moreover, his books continue to reflect the essence of wisdom he gathers throughout a continuous learning cycle.

Vivek enjoys his work immensely, and as the Managing Director of Global Supply Chain Group, he works as a consultant to senior executives of large global corporations, and helps them multiply profits by using the full power of global supply networks. Vivek Sood is one of the world’s foremost authorities on Global Supply Chains which are the commercial engines sitting deep within modern corporations and economies. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and has done post-MBA courses from Harvard, MIT, and University of London.

Nearly 80 more testimonials, and additional information on Vivek is available on

"None come close to Vivek"

"Since 'co-inventing' Supply Chain Management I have worked with literally thousands of supply chain professionals from around the world in the last 25-30 years, but none comes close to Vivek in combining the practical experience at the highest level of Global Supply Chains in multi-nationals with comprehensive thought leadership in all aspects of complex transportation and supply chain spheres. I also thoroughly enjoyed working with him due to his passion for delivering value far beyond clients' expectations – an ethos that I fully share."

- Dr. Wolfgang Partsch (Dr. Partsch & Partner)

"Highly respected thought leader"

"Vivek Sood is a highly respected thought leader in the field of supply chain management. He has written books and articles to share his vision with current industry professionals and the next generation of logistics leaders. Vivek has successfully implemented innovative supply chain solutions for key multinational customers and continues to evolve with creative value added concepts designed for tangible impact."

- Paul Bradley (Chairman and CEO, Caprica International), Source: LinkedIn

"He is a true master"

"Mr Sood's keynote speech on the strategic impact of supply chain on profitability and performance was eye-opening and awakening. When he answered questions, it was clear that he is a true master - probably one of the top five on earth today. Very highly recommended for speeches, workshops and trainings on anything to do with supply chains and B2B Networks !!!!"

- Suhas Bhise (Head - PPC / Logistics / Sourcing at Arvind Limited ( Wovens & Knits Fabrics)

Source: LinkedIn

Summary of Workshop with Mr Supply Chain

  • Assess any cost structure in minutes
  • Distinguish GOOD cost structures from bad cost structures
  • Information to transform any cost structure
  • Derive business benefits - higher profits, less waste and confusion
  • To agree on suitable dates and location for your "ADVANCED COST LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP" send an email to [email protected]

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't believe you will get value from this workshop, you can withdraw your candidature with full refund, up to 30 days prior to your scheduled masterclass.

"This WORKSHOP will provide critical information to transform your cost structure, and take it to the next generation level, uncovering several savings opportunities."


  • Each paid attendee of this masterclass will get an exclusive copy of VIP Edition of this book 
  • Not available at any bookstore
  • Only available from the authors for USD 69 per copy
  • Highly acclaimed - see the book website for more details 

The 5-STAR Business Network



"One time use for a single company."

Know the reality of your current cost structure

Use an objective, advanced diagnostic tool kit to determine where your company's supply chain stands today. No need to share the information with anyone else. 

Create a plan to move your cost structure to next generation

Use the gap between the current reality and a future aspiration to stimulate and create action plans. 

Work the plan to take your cost structure to the next generation

Use milestones along the way to measure progress and keep the action on track. 


Cocktails and evening mix-up with Mr Supply Chain himself:

  • Get your questions answered in an informal setting
  • Get your copy of book signed
  • Get photos with industry stalwarts for social media and your office 
  • Informal discussion on important topics
  • Make contacts for future use

"For some people this may turn out to just as important as the formal part of the day. "

Only one contact, or moment might change your life for ever!

Places in each city are strictly limited, and available selectively on first come, first serve basis. We expect all places to be full, so we encourage you to apply earliest possible.

Summary of Workshop with Mr Supply Chain

  • Assess any cost structure in minutes
  • Distinguish GOOD cost structures from bad cost structures
  • Information to transform any cost structure
  • Derive business benefits - higher profits, less waste and confusion
  • To agree on suitable dates and location for your "ADVANCED COST LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP" send an email to [email protected]

Secure your place in the Masterclass!

Do not wait to get the approval - if approval is not granted, you can cancel till 30 days prior to the masterclass. 

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