Business Transformation

Get Better Results Than What Your Imagined By Focusing on Execution

I was talking to the three senior executives of a fairly large business. They were very happy with the business situation. Their business was operating in a comfortable oligopoly, with comfortable competitive pressures. The business strategy was noted to be very sound. But, they lamented, that the comfortable position never translated into equivalent profits. Every

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Never Hire Management Consultants In These Situations

I need to tell a true story which is about 16 years old. Jon had just left the secure world of a senior role in a multi-billion dollar global corporation to accept the role of the CEO in a mid-size family-owned company. He had always been a go-getter, who had progressed fast in his previous

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Evolution of Supply Chain Management

Supply chain network Management Strategy and Capabilities evolved from primitive to esoteric in the four decades since the mid-1970. In the initial phase (pre-1950), there was no need of any strategy for supply chains. In the decade that followed, supply chain strategy focused only on the overall profitability of the business. Supply Chain strategy came into real

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Could Your Supply Chain be Fading? Five Tell-Tail Signs

Supply Chain Management​Most CEOs are surprise to discover that what they thought was a well-functioning Supply Chain turned out to hide such a tremendous amount of problems.Five tell-tale signs that help you recognize a broken Supply Chain: Silos mentality – The big companies are often confronted with this problem. The different departments of the firm are not

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Supply Chain Management

Beyond 4P – Integrated Supply Chain Management

ISN’T IT TIME TO LOOK AT YOUR COMPANY’S NETWORK AND SUPPLY CHAIN WITH A NEW EYE TO TAKE IT FROM A FUNCTION TO AN ENABLER, FROM GOOD TO GREAT, FROM ORDINARY TO EXTRA-ORDINARY. EXTRA-ORDINARY Focused on value towards the strategic goals of your company. Flexible and supple. Sustainable in the long term – for your

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Departmental Silos: The Achilles Heel of Your Company

Businesses are gradually being chained by a number of forces so ubiquitous and accepted by all of us, that we fail to notice their impact on businesses, economies, and people. Today, most organizations become veritable bureaucracies as they grow bigger. Every person sits inside his/her own department and is very careful about making sure that

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