Are Good Business Transformation People Worth Their Weight in Gold?

Why we are qualified to Article?Over the last three decades we have led and worked on more than 500 projects in supply chain transformation in dozens of industries and countries.VERY FEW PEOPLE KNOW SUPPLY CHAINS LIKE WE DO – Retail, beverages, food, milk, dairy, meat, livestock, explosives, chemicals, cotton, rice, graphite, solar power, natural gas, crude

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How Supply Chain Manager Salary is Determined

Supply chain managers’ salary is the subject of intense speculation for the last decade or so. Human Resources (HR) Managers have often asked us about what would be an appropriate supply chain manager salary range, when they are called upon to retrain or recruit staff during our supply chain restructuring projects.  Part of the reason is

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High Demand for Real Supply Chain Experts

Updated in September 2020 AbstractAlmost every supply chain needs to be restructured in the wake of COVID-19 and associated economic situation. While some companies are facing collapsing demand, others are facing the opposite. Same is true of the supply as well. How can companies make the supply meet demand under such challenging circumstances. Only sophisticated supply

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How to Cope With Supply Chain Disruptions Resulting From COVID-19 Crisis?

Covid19 has left supply chains severely disrupted. As companies try and pick up the pieces, big gaps remain in their capability and performance, especially at top levels.

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What is the Difference Between Supply Chain Governance and Corporate Governance?

Boards are focused on corporate governance, when it is the lack of “supply chain governance” which is causing the most problems for today’s corporations.

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Why is Supply Chain Governance Difficult?

Corporate governance is difficult, yet most boards have mastered that art over the last two decades. Supply Chain Governance is a bigger, and more important challenge.

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