Chapter 1 – Why Business Networks Are Important?

Summary and key takeaways:
  1. Learn why business networks are important and the tremendous value they can add to the businesses who use them wisely.
  2. How to make your business more resilient and responsive in the periods of high volatility by using business networks to absorb the shock. This might actually save your business one day.
  3. Learn how to substitute a business network for a multi-billion dollar business infrastructure.
  4. In credit crunch times why business networks that play together survive together, while the lone rangers get shot down. Learn from Lehman story.
  5. Learn how to scale up faster in boom time – using your business network far enhanced and rapid scalability.

Chapter 2 – Business Networks Through the Ages

Summary and key takeaways:
  1. Find out what you can learn from the historical business networks and why not to look for salvation from the governments of the day.
  2. Learn the reasons of success of these vast business networks of the past to make use of these in creating your own business networks.
  3. Learn the reasons of decline of some of these vast business networks of the past – so that you can avoid these pitfalls in your own business networks.
  4. Understand the cyclical nature of success and what can be done to maintain the momentum of success without hubris or arrogance taking over the actions.
  5. Recognize the patterns and trends in today’s economic and business environment in order to see invisible business networks shaping up around you. Decide which networks to be part of, and how. What do you bring to table to the existing participants? How do you break in, and play your part?

Chapter 3 – What Makes the Business Networks Great?

Summary and key takeaways:
  1. Draw substantive benefits out of your business networks by understanding the root cause and basis of those benefits.
  2. Gain insights into flexibility that is possible in configuration of your business networks – so long as you keep in place the substantive basis of their benefits.
  3. Learn to use the tipping point effect – the power of the few thought leaders (mavens, connectors and the salesmen), the stickiness factor, and the power of the context – to your benefit.
  4. What is the secret sauce of the most powerful networks? How to derive and use this for massive business gains?
  5. What is synergy and how synchronicity of networks is even more powerful than synergy? How voluntary and repeated interaction creates synchronicity under certain conditions – leading to massive gains from ‘network effect’?

Chapter 4 – Information Technology Systems That Support Great Business Networks

Summary and key takeaways:
  1. Do not be seduced by technology for its own sake – every investment in technology must provide proven ROI as per expectation.
  2. Learn why IT projects fail, and how to avoid failure?
  3. Key traps for the novice and the seasoned – how to spot them, identify them and get around them.
  4. IT is a two-edged sword – it will cut you, or cut your enemy; you decide whether you want to learn how to cut your enemy, or fail to learn and let it cut you.
  5. See a clear vision of what is possible using IT and how to get there.
  6. Learn why various IT players act the way they do – so you can get them to co-operate on your agenda.

Chapter 5 – Types Of Modern Networks

Summary and key takeaways:
  1. Expand your horizons of knowledge and possibilities surrounding all types of networks to achieve more.
  2. As you widen your scope of thinking, you will realise there are far more possibilities and options in any given situation than you originally think. You can pick and choose better options to maximise your results while minimising your risk.
  3. Learn the whole spectrum of networking universe, and decide where you want to play the game in this universe. What are you seeking in this wide universe of networks, and which space is the more appropriate to achieve what you seek.
  4. Decide how you want to play the game of networking – which rules, which other players, what is your respective added value, – PARTS (by Nalebuff). Win big – if you change the game by changing the scope of the game.
  5. Learn to recognise the invisible business networks that permeate the world around you. Learn how these business networks keep transforming themselves and the business environment they create and operate in. Benefit as a businessperson, investor or even an employee.

Chapter 6 – Super Networked Business

Summary and key takeaways:
  1. Learn a whole new way of looking at organisations – a way which is more action oriented, realistic and dynamic. Once people start looking at the organisations differently they will not see a drainpipe model of traditional bureaucratic structure (waste flowing down the drain pipes to the bottom). They will see a spear that penetrates the customer defenses for their own good – to create value, communicate value and claim value – in collaboration with the 5-STAR business network.
  2. Move away from the traditional slothful linear model of collaboration to a game-changing real-time model of collaboration of a pride of lions. Faster, cheaper results that are more accurate.
  3. Learn to power your real time collaboration using business networks to leverage your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.
  4. Teach the same lesson to your collaborators – suppliers and customers – to ensure that all are singing from the same song sheet to make the results faster, cheaper, higher quality, easier and more profitable.
  5. Hunt in packs – teach your pack how to hunt with you.
  6. Make the end-customer the focus of the entire business activity – cut the waste and eliminate anything that does not add value. Create a customer fan base.

Chapter 7 – Key Cornerstones Of 5-STAR Business Networks

Summary and key takeaways:
  1. Learn how to differentiate between a good business network and an ordinary business network, and why the difference is important.
  2. Find out the five key building blocks of great business networks, and how they are tightly inter-twined in order to create outstanding business outcomes.
  3. Learn an easy to remember mnemonic formula that makes it easy to remember the five key elements of the 5-STAR Business Network, and use these whenever you need to use them.
  4. Apply a real life example to the formula and see how it works in practice and consolidate the learning.
  5. Learn how a company doubled its revenue by nearly $24 Billion in 3 years by applying the ideas embedded in the 5-STAR Business Network framework.

Chapter 8 – Fire-Aim-Ready Innovation – For Rocket Launch

Summary and key takeaways:
  1. Fire-Aim-Ready co-design leads to faster innovation, more profits
  2. Design, produce and sell products and services that are more appropriate to the customer’s needs. Create a customer fan base as a result.
  3. Create and multiply your options for more innovative products and services that are derived from each new product and service – flywheel effect of innovation.
  4. Use your knowledge of product life cycle to match the supply chain maturity in order to maximise results – maximise profitability and minimise disruptive waste of efforts.
  5. Gives you a new framework to focus your effort during innovation – on either demand development (sales and marketing) or on supply development (R & D, procurement, production, logistics, supply chain).

Chapter 9 – $eed-to-$tore Efficiency – For Cash Actualisation

Summary and key takeaways:
  1. Everybody wants more cash, faster. Learn how to use your business network to systematically generate more cash faster.
  2. This art of managing supply chains for efficiency is now a well developed science with 30 years of accumulated know-how. If you do not use this know-how to use it to its best effect for your company, you are at a serious competitive disadvantage.
  3. Learn how the various tools such as JIT, inventory phasing, DRP etc are interlinked and form a greater whole where all the moving parts worth together in unison.
  4. Learn all the various tools and how to pick the right tool for the right situation to enable the best results. Using the wrong tool is worse than not using any tools.
  5. Learn how to manage the invisible business networks and how much money is invested in these invisible networks.

Chapter 10 – Transaction Optimisation Profitability – For Beneficial Growth

Summary and key takeaways:
  1. Continually improving understanding of profitability at a more granular level – until you can optimize profitability on each and every deal you make.
  2. Understand the ultimate goal of BIG DATA – better understanding of the customers and cost drivers in order to maximize profitability. BIG DATA is one of the means to the end goal of transaction optimization profitability.
  3. Better customer understanding through more and more finely tuned information about the customers available readily – happier customers because you promise only what you can deliver and you deliver the promise.
  4. Better understanding of the costs of all the processes in the entire network – allows you to cut the non-value added process steps. Also provides information on what to promise. Minimise your costs and know what to promise your customers at the time of the deal.
  5. Move beyond the outdated models such as Activity-Based-Costing (ABC), or Cost-to-Serve modelling to real time transaction optimisation.

Chapter 11 – Advanced Product Phasing – for Product Serialisation

Summary and key takeaways:
  1. Understand the innovation cycle, use it to pace the innovation effort, build on it, create and sustain momentum.
  2. Learn how to balance short term profitability and long term business sustainability at the same time.
  3. Learn how the supply network must correspond with the innovation stage in order for the innovation cycle to succeed.
  4. Learn how you can simultaneously be both efficient in delivering current products at best costs, and effective in developing best new products by using your 5-STAR Business Network.
  5. Learn how to create a perpetual innovation motor within your organization that keeps churning out new products at regular intervals, while at the same time keeps getting the maximum profits out of the current products.

Chapter 12 – Results-Focused Outsourcing and Modularisation – for Insourced Outsourcing

Summary and key takeaways:
  1. Learn how to build your 5-STAR Business Network using insourced outsourcing to build rapidly and profit immensely.
  2. Learn how to leverage massively to multiply your effectiveness while managing the risk carefully. Win big – lose small.
  3. Learn how to recognise the key myths associated with outsourcing and counter them by logic.
  4. Learn the current approaches to overcome the problems associated with outsourcing and why a new approach is required.
  5. Identify hidden risks in the process of outsourcing and manage them systematically.

Chapter 13 – Super Networked Business of the Third Richest Man on Earth

Summary and key takeaways:
  1. See the concepts from this book in action building the fortune of the third richest man on earth.
  2. Learn to recognise the patterns shown in this book using a real life case study.
  3. Think about how to apply these concepts in your own situation to create a 5-STAR Business Network that builds your fortune.
  4. Learn how to simultaneously innovate, profit, grow, sustain, and leverage to create an optimum fly-wheel effect.
  5. Convince yourself and others of the powers of these concepts.

Chapter 14 – Research Methodology and sample table

Summary and key takeaways:
  1. Understand the research underlying the concepts in this book.
  2. If the case studies discussed throughout the chapters of this book are not representatives of your industry or geography – find other companies that meet those criteria better.
  3. Use a high level framework to rate your business network, suppliers and customers.
  4. Lay the foundation for a more detailed framework to be developed for rating on each of the 5 scales based on companies internal data.
  5. Create a diagnostic tool kit to measure, improve and manage on all the key elements of the 5-STAR business networks.


Who is this book meant for?

Not everyone is the CEO yet. On the other hand, a bright soul wrote that every manager is the CEO of his own personal brand. In either case, everyone who runs a business needs handle on their supply chain and business network.

This book is meant for anyone who is intrigued about how to use their business network and supply chain to its best effect. Those who want to move beyond the traditional supply chains and multiply their profits by using the full power of the 5-STAR business network will find this book especially useful. 

If I buy it can you sign it for me?

On buying this book you will become a valuable part of our 5-STAR Business Network, so naturally  we should attend to your every legitimate request. Please ask (email: and we will get it signed by the Author. If it is meant as a gift for a valued client, customer or supplier, do not forget to include their name in the request. Do not forget that if you buy from us you will get the hardcopy, full colour, premium paper VIP version of the same book that is available at bookstores worldwide. 

Can I ready some excerpts before I make a decision to buy?

We love to browse before we buy, and no doubt, you do too. A lot of information is available on the book's specialist website Some additional information is also available on Amazon where general public buys this book in soft-copy format. If you are a serious reader, and want to read the first 3 chapters for free before making a decision, please send us an email on and we will send these to you via an email. 

What is the central message of this book?

It is a pretty thick book, and spans a broad body of knowledge about practical application of supply chains at their highest purpose. It is full of case stories, anecdotes and examples.  If we have summarise a central theme of the book, it is the following:

"Only 24% OF THE BUSINESS TRANSFORMATIONS SUCCEED, UNLESS THE CEOs AND TRANSFORMATION STRATEGISTS TAKE A HOLISTIC PERSPECTIVE SUCH AS THE 5-STAR BUSINESS NETWORK APPROACh, WHICH TRIPLES THE SUCCESS RATE. In Speaking face to face with 1709 CEOs and leaders around the globe IBM found that partnering and business network is the single most important topic of interest. You need the 5-STAR business Network to get the best value out of partnering. 

Are there any discounts available?

In the past, in line with the standard practice in publishing industry, when a company or person wanted to present multiple copies of books as gift to their customers or suppliers we have offered up to 35% off on deals of more than 100 copies for conferences and events. On purchases above 3 copies we are happy to discuss discounts on an individual basis. Please send us an email on to discuss. 

What benefits will I derive from this book?

It is a very impressive looking book to keep on your desk or bookshelf. It will arouse the curiosity, even envy, of your peers and colleagues. 

On a more serious note, it will help you question why spend billions of dollars on creating business infrastructure? For consistent value, how to build resilient business networks and supply chains instead. 5-STAR in the title refers to 5 key benefits derived from 5 themes of the book  that detail How to turn intangibles into real profits:

  1. Fire-Aim-Ready Innovation for certainty? Why innovation should never be a hit-or-miss affair.
  2. $eed-to-$tore ($2$) Efficiency For Cash Creation. How to systematically generate more cash, faster - use the right tools. 
  3. Transaction Optimisation Profitability For Beneficial Growth. How to turn unprofitable transactions into profitable transactions by leveraging big data. 
  4. Launch one bestseller after another. How to use Advanced Product Phasing to create series of products. Do not remain a one-hit wonder. 
  5. Outsourcing Is No Longer A Dirty Word. How to use it strategically to win in the high stakes game of globalisation?