With 200 pages of stories – from the authors’ experiences, and from fields as diverse as sports, politics and the jungle – the book “unchain your corporation” tells story after story about business transformations. 
Whether the goal is business transformation, or regional integration of economies - you should be able to achieve collaborative positive outcomes. Here are some suggestions on how to proceed.
  1. TAKE THE QUICK DIAGNOSTIC : If you still think you do not need to act now - just take a quick three minutes diagnostic by sending us an email. 
  2. read as many books and material as you can
    This website, and sister websites provide more material on the key concepts and their application. Case studies are also available in multiple blogs.
  3. get your team to do the quick diagnostic
    This is another way to know who is on board with you and understands the issues and stakes, and who is just looking to coast from the current job to the next.
  4. circulate this material to each of your team members
    It is useful and necessary to get everyone on board at the same level of thinking before you start the transformation journey.
  5. scan the material
    The website, book, and its accompanying material is written in lively, thought provoking style. Be sure to scan the full material, rather than getting stuck on any one point. 
  6. do a full company wide diagnostic
    You will find useful to do a full company-wide diagnostic - which is far deeper and broader than the quick diagnostic. It will reveal the gaps and areas for transformation ahead.
  7. note down your thoughts as they come
    As you take the quick diagnostic, and scan the website, the book and its accompanying material, your brain will be flooded with thoughts about your business. Be sure to record these - they are most value resource for your journey ahead. 
  8. prioritise and think through the issues
    By this time a number of issues would have surfaced. Many will be interlinked. Prioritise and think through these. What are the real chains holding back your company?
  9. prepare for your transformation journey
    How will you transform your company to unchain it? What are the steps in the journey? What resources you will need? How will you know the progress? What preparation and training does your team need?
  10. move systematically
    There is no better time to move than now. Even if the resource platform is not perfect, next steps will ensure that you will be able to detect the need and adjust.
    Constant vigilance and adjustment are required to prevent dangerous mishaps. New resources may be required, or existing team may need further re-skilling.





Who is this book meant for?

There are only two kinds of people on this earth. Those who want to think outside the box, and those who do not want to. This book is meant for the former. It does not matter what you do, and what level you hold within your company. If you like to think about new things and put them in practice, this book will benefit you in some way. 

This book is dedicated to our clients – the influential and resourceful executives and CEOs who expect a big positive change, a big delta, in profits and revenues as a result of the business transformations they

They know that, in this age, every few years a business transformation is required in order to keep the business relevant with trends in the market place, in technology, in consumer taste as well as in the
regulatory environment.

They acknowledge the changes in the external marketplace, internal challenges, and the need for change. They are not paralysed by fear, and they are prepared to take judicious action.

They are pragmatic business people. They want to maximize their profitability, while minimizing their risk by using a tried and tested methodology for business transformations.

Most importantly, having tried the big brands before, they create long term partnerships with best-of-breed thought leaders, and leverage those partnerships to configure and lead joint teams of high
impact individuals for positive business transformations.

If I buy it can you sign it for me?

Only if you promise to spread the good word. Actually, come to think of it, we know you will do that anyway once you read this book - so, yes please ask (email: and we will get it signed by the Author. If it is meant as a gift for a valued client, customer or supplier, do not forget to include their name in the request. Do not forget that if you buy from us you will get the hardcopy, full colour, premium paper VIP version of the same book that is available at bookstores worldwide. 

Can I ready some excerpts before I make a decision to buy?

We love to browse before we buy, and no doubt, you do too. A lot of information is available on the book's specialist website  If you are a serious reader, and want to read the first 3 chapters for free before making a decision, please send us an email on and we will send these to you via an email. 

What is the central message of this book?

One-page Summary
On popular demand by the reviewers – here is one-page summary for the CEOs, and a link to a quick survey they can ask their team to do.
At its core, the message of this book is very simple. As a CEO or senior executive, you already know how much effort every company puts into selecting the very best people they can find - whether in sales, marketing, finance, operations or any other part of the company. Having recruited them, every company puts equally sterling effort in training these people to enable them to do their job.
Finally, every company equips these people with the best possible tools – whether in IT, or other arena – that they can find in the market place. At an immense expense, these tools are configured, customized and enhanced to suit the company strategy.
Yet, when they look at the results – profits, revenues, customer satisfaction – most CEOs privately express a view that they are not getting the full value for their investments and efforts described above.
Why do companies perform less than optimally, despite such massive advantage? Why do CFOs have to regularly ‘massage’ the numbers at the end of every quarter? What are the invisible chains that hold back these companies?
If you are one of the target readers, but are fully convinced that these invisible chains do not exist in your company, I invite you to take the complementary survey at this link: You may be surprised by the result.
If you are already aware of these invisible chains then I am sure you are also asking the key question – what to do about these? How to break these chains apart and build strong business-to-business networks that will help your company survive through downturns and thrive through upturns. That, indeed, is the core message of this book.

Are there any discounts available?

In the past, in line with the standard practice in publishing industry, when a company or person wanted to present multiple copies of books as gift to their customers or suppliers we have offerred upto 35% off on deals of more than 100 copies for conferences and events. On purchases above 3 copies we are happy to discuss discounts on an individual basis. Please send us an email on to discuss. 

What benefits will I derive from this book?

  • Learn why business networks are important and the tremendous value they can add to the businesses who use them wisely.
  • How to make your business more resilient and responsive in the periods of high volatility by using business networks to absorb the shock. This might actually save your business one day.
  • Learn how to substitute a business network for a multi-billion dollar business infrastructure.
  • In credit crunch times why business networks that play together survive together, while the lone rangers get shot down. Learn from Lehman story.
  • Learn how to scale up faster in boom time – using your business network far enhanced and rapid scalability.