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Business Model Transformation: Lessons From Soccer And Hockey – Part 2

In the previous blog in this series I wrote about the Brazilian soccer teams transformation from an individualistic style of play to a network style game. In early 90s, more than two decades since the last World Cup championship title and Brazil faced an interesting juxtaposition – continue with what led to past success of […]

What Business Executives Can Learn From The Story of Brazil’s Soccer Transformation


In the early 90s, more than two decades since its last World Cup championship title, Brazil hungered for the trophy more than any other country on earth. Yet the scars from its 1950 campaign were still not totally erased. Dubbed as the saddest day in Brazilian soccer history, July 16 1950 was the day Brazil […]

Business Networks or Social Networks – Which do You Prefer?

LinkedIn is a business network that allows you to socialise. Facebook is a social network that is trying to commercialise. Both are digital networks that allow you to do certain things and not do other things. Besides these, there are real world business networks made up of businesses who trade with each other on regular […]

10 Ways To Create Value Through Your Business Network

The key to realising value in your business is to use your business network. The marketplace has moved on from the time when competition was just among companies. Your business must now succeed  based on the quality of the your network of suppliers and customers.  You have to leverage trusted connections to help you design, […]

How to Prepare Simple, Effective Cost Management Reports (part 1)


By Doug Hudgeon The Cost Reduction Tip Effective management accounts are critical to a cost reduction initiative. Without it, your stakeholders can’t see that their pain is justified. It’s like the difference between running on a treadmill (without a watch or odometer) and running through the countryside. If you have a destination and can track […]

Teach Your Old Vendors New Tricks

By Doug Hudgeon The Cost Reduction Tip In the 1970s and 80′s, skateboarding went through a renaissance. Difficult tricks became commonplace and impossible tricks became possible. The invention of polyurethane wheels in 1972 and the US drought in 1976 (which led to the draining of concrete pools) kicked off these advances but it was not […]

How to Identify Cost Reduction Opportunities

By Doug Hudgeon The Cost Reduction Tip Certain problems when you first look at them seem intractable. But once you understand their natural fracture lines, breaking them up and solving them is actually quite easy. Most business process problems fall into this category and cost reduction problems are no exception. The natural fracture line for […]

Cost Reduction – Start by Looking for Game-Changing Opportunities

By Doug Hudgeon The Cost Reduction Tip When looking at cost reduction opportunities in an area, you should start by assuming that you can remove 100% of the cost. If that’s not possible, then look at ways to remove 90% of the cost. If you don’t start ambitiously, you’ll miss some real plum cost reduction […]

BPOs – How to Avoid the Most Common Cause of Outsourcing Failure

By Doug Hudgeon The Cost Reduction Tip In the Eric Carle children’s story, The Mixed Up Chameleon, a chameleon attempts to become the perfect animal by adopting the best parts of different animals e.g. an elephant’s trunk, a giraffe’s long neck etc. At the end of the book, he’s so mixed up that he cannot […]

How to Build Your Own Cost Analysis Monte Carlo Simulation in Excel or Google Spreadsheets

By Doug Hudgeon The Cost Reduction Tip After posting yesterday’s tip, I’ve received a few requests to explain how the Cost Analysis Monte Carlo spreadsheet works. I hope you find this post useful. Note: For those who are fire walled from Google Docs, please click this link for an Excel version of the Cost Analysis […]