Digital Supply Chain Twins – Feeling the Pain in The Future of Supply Chain

There is a lot of talk about digital supply chain twin.A digital twin is meant to be a digital representation of a real-world supply chain environment. it showcases the relationships between all the relevant nodes of the supply chain — such as products, customers, markets, warehouses, manufacturing plants. It is meant to model and simulate

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Key To Fantastic Supply Chain Results

Like everyone else supply chain professionals also want to do a great job. They also want to be recognised for doing so. The last thing they want is a random call in the middle of the night berating them (or one of their people / suppliers) for a missed delivery or some such oversight. Yet, that

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Here is What You Can Do Today About the Supply Chain Spiraling Out of Control After The Suez Canal Fiasco, and the Pandemic – Part 1

Expectations from Supply Chain personnel have never been higher, and the reality of global supply chains has never been direr in the past.  All the major fiascos such as the Suez canal bottleneck and pandemic effects have been widely and deeply covered by the TV stations and popular finance press.  Minor, routine supply chain fiascos within most

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Finance, Sales, HR, Supply Chain – Where Do Most Effective Business Transformation Leaders Come From?

Business Transformation is Different Than Change ManagementAlmost everybody who has anything to do with creating any change inside a company calls himself or herself a business transformation expert these days.  It is important to define business transformation at the outset.  As the business trends evolve, every ten years to so a new generation of business is configured

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Looking For Management Consultants? What Happens When You Exhaust All Three Consulting Lifelines?

Finding the Right Management Consultant is difficultIf you have watched the globally famous TV show, Who wants to be a millionaire?  you will have known what the three lifelines are in this game. It is not much different in a business context.  When companies are looking for the right management consultant to help them with business

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Why Supply Chain Business Transformations (BT) Jobs Differ From Supply Chain Business-as-Usual (BAU) Jobs

Violinists have a different skill set and profile than the violin makers. Sports equipment makers have a different profile than the sportsmen. Race car designers (or yacht designers) may not necessarily be successful in racing cars (yachts).  One is not necessarily better than the other. One does not necessarily earn more than the other, or add

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