How to Cope With Supply Chain Disruptions Resulting From COVID-19 Crisis?

Covid19 has left supply chains severely disrupted. As companies try and pick up the pieces, big gaps remain in their capability and performance, especially at top levels.

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Which jobs or careers will grow in value and demand in the wake of COVID-19?

Most people think that health-related jobs will increase – which is partly true. However, most developed countries will undergo a bigger change in their health sector, because due to powerful economic and social changes they will have to open up their health personnel supply chains to the forces of globalisation.

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How to Reduce Complexity in Supply Chain Post COVID-19?

Complexity in business is the biggest killer of profitability. What is the best antidote for debilitating complexity?

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The Unexpected Beneficiary of President Trump’s Tariffs

As the saga with the US tariffs on Chinese goods is playing out in the public arena, there is a lot of speculation about who the ultimate losers and winners in this game will be. There is Plenty of Shallow Analysis Most journalists do not have time to think it through deeply, and most serious

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Two Fatal Flaws of Amazon: Hint – Both are In Its Supply Chain – PART 1

If you asked an Uber driver in Sydney today what is the greatest strength of Amazon – they will probably tell you that it is their supply chain. If you probed further and asked again – where exactly in the supply chain is the strength? More often than not, you would get the common answer

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Business Transformation

Get Better Results Than What Your Imagined By Focusing on Execution

I was talking to the three senior executives of a fairly large business. They were very happy with the business situation. Their business was operating in a comfortable oligopoly, with comfortable competitive pressures. The business strategy was noted to be very sound. But, they lamented, that the comfortable position never translated into equivalent profits. Every

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