Digital supply chain twin and Augmented reality (AR) are the current experimental models that are under development for aiding the supply chain management using artificial intelligence. Technological

Experimental Models In Supply Chain Management

I was asked another very interesting question on Quora by a reader Benjamin Myer. I think the question merited some discussion and attention. Below is my response to

Which jobs or careers will grow in value and demand in the wake of COVID-19?

Let me tell a story. This is a very entertaining story, but that is not the reason I am telling it. It has even greater business value,

Can Suppliers Kill You By Their Inaction?

People often wonder where the best opportunities for start-ups are. Supply Chain Security space is getting a lot of attention in this regard. In fact, just today

Opportunities for Start-ups in Supply Chain Security

This is a million dollar question for most companies – start-ups or conglomerates. A lot of time and money is wasted either because the companies do not

How Supply Chain Strategy Can Help You Resolve The Innovators’ Conundrum

There were only 24 hours left. Tomorrow the board would pull the plug on the project which had continued for well over 3 years. The total costs as

How To Get The Biggest Bang For Your Technology Buck

Why Trust in Supply Chain Is Important? Recently, the value of trust in supply chain was brought home to me in a graphic manner. An owner of

Value of Trust in Supply Chain Management

Organizational silos are based on the division of labor, on organizing the labor in such a way that each individual specialized in what he/she knows best, so

How Organizational Silos Can Ruin Your Supply Chain