Build A Great Cost Analysis Monte Carlo Simulation In Excel Or Google Spreadsheets

Supply chain transformations

By Doug Hudgeon Cost Analysis Monte Carlo Simulation In Google Spreadsheets The Cost Reduction Tip After posting yesterday’s tip, I’ve received a few requests to explain how the Cost Analysis Monte Carlo spreadsheet works. I hope you find this post useful. Note: For those who are fire walled from Google Docs, please click this link for an Excel version of the […]

Supply Chain Business : Teach Your Old Vendors New Tricks 101

Supply Chain Business

Supply Chain Business By Doug Hudgeon The Cost Reduction Tip In the 1970s and 80′s, skateboarding went through a renaissance. Difficult tricks became commonplace and impossible tricks became possible. The invention of polyurethane wheels in 1972 and the US drought in 1976 (which led to the draining of concrete pools) kicked off these advances but […]

A Company Case Study – Better Learning

Company Case Study

By – Stuart Emmett Note:  Stuart Emmett co-operated with our very own Vivek Sood to co-write the book GREEN SUPPLY CHAINS – AN ACTION MANIFESTO. This book was one of the first books in the world on the topic of Green Supply Chains, and as such is used in Universities around the world for executive […]

Better Environment Friendly Supply Chains : How Green Is Your Supply Chain ?

Green Is Your Supply Chain

It is generally accepted that environmental consciousness is now changing to environmental pro-activeness as organizations are discovering that it makes good commercial sense. Boards are asking the management to review their policies related to environmental norms, not only to bolster their corporate social responsibility aims, but also because consumers are asking for it. It is […]

Why Cyprus is The Sarajevo Of 21st Century?

Cyprus The Sarajevo

Master The Skills Of Cyprus And Be Successful. Normally I limit my blogs and writings to the topics I am very passionate about – business models, supply chains, strategy and business outcomes. I do not worry too much about the markets, especially the short term gyrations that occupy the minds of speculators, brokers and the […]

Business Networks Rally To Fight Record Eurozone Unemployment Level

Business Networks Rally

About More Eurozone Unemployment Level Official data from the statistics agency Eurostat has confirmed about the Eurozone unemployment level reached a record high of 12% in February 2013. With financial institutions and whole countries in crisis and the decline of the Eurozone’s manufacturing sector worsening the economic turmoil that has already caused so much pain, […]

How To Use Social Media Successfully

Social Media Successfully Social Media Marketing

Social Media Successfully Although social medias are crucial for your communication strategy, they can also be deadly for your business if you do not use them intelligently. There are some important rules and conditions for success by using social medias, and you have to understand them before starting to interfere with social medias. Your customers […]

The Power Of Preparation In Supply Chain, Better Results

Power Of Preparation In Supply Chain

The Power Of Preparation In Supply Chain When implementing a new Information Technology system, companies often neglect the preparation step and the story always ends with failures. Indeed, the lack of preparation is the first mistake to avoid. Preparation is the basis of the entire implementation process. Your results will depend on how you prepare […]

How To Easily Maximise Both Efficiency And Effectiveness Outsourcing Business At The Same Time

Effectiveness Outsourcing Business

Learn More Effectiveness Outsourcing Business In his book The 5-STAR Business Network (, Vivek Sood talks about prophecies coming from an article written in the Harvard Business Review in 1999. Efficiency And Effectiveness Outsourcing Business Although this article was written almost 15 years ago, the authors, John Hagel III and Marc Singer, were very forward thinking about companies. In […]