Change Your Processes Before Implementing New Software

Change Your Processes Before Implementing New Software






January 8, 2019

hudgeon12By Doug Hudgeon The Cost Reduction Tip The success rate of software implementations is woefully low. There are lots of reasons for it ranging from overselling by vendors, overspecing by customers, lack of consultation with stakeholders, under-resourcing the implementation team, etc. But in my view, much of the source of failure comes from unnecessarily bundling high risk process change with the software implementation. For example, if you are implementing a new payment system that changes your approval hierarchy then look for a way to implement the new approval hierarchy before you implement the software. If you are implementing a new public transport ticketing system, change the fares before you implement the system. If you can unbundle your high risk process changes from the software implementation then you’ll improve your software implementation success rate – at the very least you’ll discover you have an insurmountable change management program before you spend any money! Doug Hudgeon who is lawyer and vendor management professional who has branched into finance and accounting shared services management.

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  • I think being aware of common issues is only half of the battle. You’re going to want a plan. You’re going to want to set expectations. You’re going to want to set hard objectives.

    Implementing new software within your business is always a big step. Actually, it is a huge step. A well-thought-out implementation plan executed by your team is a determining factor in the successful adoption of your new software in attaining goals and objectives set for the project.

  • After I read the title, It sounded good – we should change the process before implementing new software. What is relevance to me. Can I learn anything which could help me to grow my career as an entrepreneur.

  • What if we don’t implement a new payment system? then how can we improve our software implementation success rate?

  • All too often, organizations tend to implement a new software system and fail to change their respective processes and process planning. Having a necessary understanding of the existing processes in place and how each will line up to new software functionality is important. Besides this, identifying and profiling of end users will also help account for everything and everyone that will be impacted by the installation of new software.

  • Good article Vivek. I think when processes are complicated and inefficient today, especially if performed poorly, they likely won’t operate any better when new software is installed. Prior to new software implementation, this is ideal to reexamine and streamline the existing processes. Anew software implementation will not be successful if the current processes do not support the new system and software.

  • Software implementation can be a lengthy upfront process, but the benefits it provides, in the long run, are worth the time commitment. You’re investing money to gain efficiencies. There are a variety of factors to consider as you work to implement a new system like considering improving or changing the existing processes as they may not integrate well with the new software.

  • Well, you’ve made the decision to bring in a software system to your operations. It’s new information for staff to learn and integrate into their workflow. You are supposed to explain the rationale behind it and the need for software implementation. In order to take full advantage out of the new software system, you better modify your processes so that the expected results can be achieved.

  • Attempting to replace a decades-old system in a matter of weeks is unrealistic and will likely lead to disappointing results. You must allocate ample time to analyze, design, plan, test and execute, as well as account for the “unknowns” that may be unearthed during the process. You would have to change your processes to let the new system function properly.

  • Implementing new software within your business is always a big step. Actually, it is a huge step. A well-thought-out implementation plan executed by your team is a determining factor in the successful adoption of your new software in attaining goals and objectives set for the project. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen because people try to use a new software system with obsolete processes.

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