University Professors And Students Interested In Learning 'Real' Supply Chain Management

The fifth and final category of our key consumers are academics and their students. A sizable number of them peek into these pages and our other writings to get an unvarnished, real world perspectives on supply chain.
There is no doubt that supply chain was born and brought up in the real world of business affairs. It was always a practical discipline.
Sadly, most academics – even those in the highest and most august universities, depend entirely on second or third hand experiences to form any kind of theoretical underpinning to supply chain. There is no surprise that a scant handful of revolutionary supply chain ideas have emerged out of academia – and even they came from practitioners who moved into academia.
When I studied for my MBA in 1995 there was, to the best of my knowledge, not a single course in supply chain management in the entire world. Today, almost every MBA course, and many other masters and bachelors courses incorporate supply chain management specialization.
The number of students and academics continue to grow exponentially – though I find that when they come into the real business world, they have to be almost completely retrained.
We help them in this journey, and eventually many of them end up in the other four categories above.
If you fall in this category – you can explore some relevant material here.
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