How Global Supply Chain group can help CFOs

Fact-based methodology

Given our data-driven approach to business transformation, it is not surprising that CFOs and Finance teams have always been some of our biggest fans and advocates within our client organisations.

similar objectives

Besides CEOs, the finance team and CFOs are the most focused on getting the entire company moving from the same playbook.

Our methodology assists in helping you achieve that fine balance between planning and control. This enables CFOs to lead, inspire and provide useful, accurate and timely feedback to the board as well as the entire organisation.

How do we do that?

The best way to find out is to talk in confidence to one of the CFOs, or, the top finance people who have worked with us. To arrange a discussion, please contact us.

Another way to find out is to have a quick look at How We Craft Strategy? 

CFOs have frequently asked us when the best time to call us is. 

Below is a partial answer based on shortfalls in basic supply chains. The full picture is available for access by getting in touch:

When to use us?

  •  When you notice any of the problems started above, or their follow-on impact.
  •  When the Board of Directors has asked for a presentation on supply chain performance, contribution or plans and you are short of resources.
  •  When you are going to negotiate and need content to balance the information asymmetry.
  •  When you suspect you are spending too much on freight, transportation, Third Party Logistics (3PL), warehousing etc.
  •  When you think your suppliers in supply chain know more about supply chain in your business than you do, and they are using that knowledge as a negotiation leverage.
  •  When you think there has to be a better, more cost effective way of configuring the supply chain.
  •  When the service levels are suffering, customers are constantly complaining.
  •  When warehouses are overflowing with inventory, on rounds you routinely see obsolete/redundant stock lying around. Working capital is an issue.
  •  When evidence of lack of planning and scheduling is all over: chaos, missed shipments, double payments, double shipments, low utilization of trucks, etc.

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4 Major area's To Focus To Achieve Sustainability in Supply Chain 

Activity Focus

Functional Focus

Industrial Focus

Topical Focus