supply chain Mastery - frequently asked questions

Your questions are the most important things - they lead to breakthroughs - in your company profitability, in business transformations and in business models.

We are also able to answer some of the questions via email, whatsapp or telephone. Others need a more serious thinking and discussion. Our contact details are given above in the top bar of this page. 


  • How big is the potential prize from supply chain business transformation? How can we maximise it?
  • How can we ensure that the approach we choose really works, is implementable by our own people, and we can see signs of success early enough?
  • How can we assure the success of our business transformation effort without jeopardising our business-as-usual activity? How do I know we will get a report that is implementable?
  • Big consulting companies come promising big savings. Once the contracts are signed – promised savings never show up. In the end, sometimes, costs even go up. What can we do differently to get better results?
  • Why do big brand strategy consultants act as if they have mysterious powers and capabilities, when we already know what they are all about?
  • If our internal staff cannot do it all by themselves, and big consultants are going to get us sub-optimal results that look good only on paper, then what is the answer?
  • With big consulting firms, there is frequent drama with a lot of activity with junior consultants /fresh graduates. It appears like a lot of wastage of resources. Why are we paying such hefty rates, while we train recent graduates recruited by big name consulting companies?

In this website you will find answers to these and many of your other questions. 

4 Major area's To Focus To Achieve Sustainability in Supply Chain 

Activity Focus

Functional Focus

Industrial Focus

Topical Focus