CMOs guide to supply chain management - who can assist me?

How many sales training methodology workshops and customer focus groups can you run?

Why not move beyond customised market segmentation into customised fulfillment?

Today’s customers are far more sophisticated than consumers 5 years ago. They can detect marketing spin from a long way away. Yet, they also reward companies that attentively fulfill the promise.

  • So, sure – keep the market research and segmentation running as before. But, take your influence to the next level – ask for a segmented supply chain approach to fulfillment strategy.
  • Ask for better costing information than the old-fashioned cost-to-serve that had become redundant before big data came along.
  • Ask for faster NPD (New Product Development) times by engaging your suppliers AND customers in a business-to-business network of two way communication.
  • Ask for better integration between monthly sales forecasts and annual financial budgets to reduce the stress and gaming of the system.

Supply Chain – Ladder of Sophistication

Who can help you do all this? Talk to your regular advisors and see if they understand your request. Or, call us.

We help you eliminate unnecessary pressure so that you can focus on your job. We will take care of these small issues that can become big.

We help segment and align the whole supply chain so that you can make feasible promises to customers

The supply chain should meet your criteria of: Reliability, Availability, Speed, Flexibility, Low cost of service. This will help you know the true cost-to-serve for each customer.

We help you identify customer clusters who need similar supply responses

While you are competent at offering customised bundles to particular customer segments, we are able to provide you the supply chain mindset so that your fulfillment keeps up with the promise – to maintain credibility.

We help align sales and planning to minimise costs and maximise collaboration

Good cooperation between sales and operations departments is the key to a successful, reliable and effective Supply chain. CPFR (Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment) with manufacturers and retailers allows the company to streamline end-to-end supply chain and prevent risks of inventory stock-out.

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