Drivers of Green Supply Chain

There are five type of environmental stakeholders group who drive green initiatives within an organization:

Based on the roles of each player in the supply chain there are different incentives to migrate towards Green Supply Chains and briefly these are as follows.
Factors that drive manufacturers towards Green Design and Green Production include:

Environmental drivers of suppliers include:

Logistics providers are implementing Green practices due to government regulations and customer expectations and agreements

Source : Emmet & Sood – Green Supply Chains : An Action Manifesto. This book was awarded certificate as “The Most innovative Supply Chain book in the last decade (2000-2010)

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  • SCM says:

    Feeling glad to read about drivers of GSM. After reading the blog I got my queries answer which is I’m finding over the internet.

  • Greg Canty says:

    Lots of green design for sustainable use approaches try to change manufacturer attitudes with products and services that persuade or even guilt us into behaving more sustainably, by communicating particular messages and hoping all manufacturer’s act differently. If only the public cared more about the environment, we would change our behavior. So we get awareness campaigns that segment populations according to their attitudes towards the environment and so on.

  • Susan says:

    It’s Not Easy Being Green. Help the environment and hurt your business, or irreparably harm your business while protecting the earth. Recently, however, a new common wisdom has emerged that promises the ultimate reconciliation of environmental and economic concerns. In this new world, both business and the environment can win. Being green is no longer a cost of doing business; it is a catalyst for innovation, new market opportunity, and wealth creation.

  • Carman Gaura says:

    This new green design for suppliers and manufacturers vision sounds great, yet it is highly unrealistic. Environmental costs are skyrocketing at most companies, with little chance of economic payback in sight. Given this reality, they question whether win-win solutions should be the foundation of a company’s environmental strategy. Should win-win solutions should be the foundation of a company’s environmental strategy?

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