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We are arguably one of world's first top tier strategy houses focused entirely on the art of supply chain management.

In Addition To 'Co-Inventing' Supply Chain Management, The Principals Of Global Supply Chain Group Have Continued To Create, Harness And Propogate A Significant Amount Of Practical Intellectual Capital On Supply Chain Management That Forms The Foundatation Of Every Supply Chain In The World Today. -More

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1. The Additional Edge

It is no secret that in face of the current economic climate, most C-Level executives are looking for that additional edge. They are expected to do MORE with less resources. They are looking for techniques and methods that create big results fast.

Obvious solutions do not work any more. They cannot employ management consultants as freely as they used to do in the past. Business school and professors lack the cutting edge knowledge or provide generic information that is too difficult to put into practice. Free information coming from internet is largely self-serving. So what is the solution?

2. No Risk, High Reward

A very low risk solution is to get one of the C-Level report which is most relevant to you. For a fraction of the price of a workshop or a management consulting project, you will get several usable ideas that you can customise and use in your business at your own pace.

We have worked with C-Level Executives for over 20 years. The most successful ones have always known that worlds’ best CEOs such as Steve Jobs and Michael Dell wanted to make sure that they personally have a good handle on their companies’ supply chains.

Successful executives want to emulate these trendsetters by getting a good handle on their own company’s supply chains. They do not consider it beneath their dignity to get involved in the core business and supply chains. They know that if they do not get on top of the complexity and technology, their competitors will beat them to the pip.

3. Your Secret Weapon

Instead of telling you about the expertise and very high level experience of my principals, I ask you to read the testimonials section. Even a single idea could lead to outstanding business transformation breakthrough in your business, for a very small price and total control of the process. Think about whether your career is worth the price of these reports and decide.

The 5-STAR Business Network Edge For CFOs

CFOs are most suited to leverage their central position into profitable opportunities. There are five secret weapons in this report, that are suited only to CFOs and their sphere of influence.

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Business-To-Business Network Deployment For COOs

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COOs are well positioned to translate intense pressure into profitable opportunities. Looking beyound the ordinary, moving from functional excellence in operations to cross-functional integration creates the results.

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CMOs’ Guide To Using The Business-To-Business Network

CMOs are becoming more integrated into the supply chain picture. The question ‘‘How do I start?’’ is exactly what we address in this special report.

This is a part of our intellectual property armoury that can be deployed to win your business transformation success. As with any product of our supply chain know-how, you can be sure of the quality distilled from over 400 successful projects and decades of experience.

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