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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On Supply Chain Consulting

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On Supply Chain Consulting.

Following are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Supply Chain Consulting that we have encountered in our speeches, workshops, seminars, and other forums.  Feel free to ask more questions if your particular question is not answered below.

  1. Why we are qualified to write this list of FAQs on Supply Chain Consulting?
  2. What is meant by supply chain consulting?
  3. Why is supply chain consultant or consulting so crucial in supply chain management?
  4. What are the skills that a supply chain consultant must have?
  5. What level of project management skill must be vital for the role of supply chain consultant?
  6. What level of technical knowledge is essential for the role of supply chain consultant?
  7. Why is Effective Cost-to-Serve Understanding skill essential in supply chain consulting?
  8. Why is Problem-Solving ability essential in supply chain consulting?
  9. Why is Communication skill vital in supply chain consulting?
  10. Why is the Desire to Learn essential in supply chain consulting?
  11. What are the essential segments in supply chain consulting?
  12. What is the importance of analysing the entire chain?
  13. What is the importance of Crucial Supply Chain Metrics ins supply chain consulting?
  14. What are the supply chain metrics that must be studied during the supply chain consulting
  15. Provide a short description of Cash-to-Cash time cycle?
  16. Provide a short description of Perfect order ratio?
  17. Provide a short description of Freight bill accuracy?
  18. Provide a short description of On-time shipping?
  19. Provide a short description of Gross margin return on investment?
  20. Provide a short description of Inventory turnover?
  21. Explain the process of implementation in supply chain consulting?
  22. Notes on FAQs

Why We Are Qualified To Write This List Of FAQs On Supply Chain Consulting?

VERY FEW PEOPLE KNOW SUPPLY CHAINS LIKE WE DO – retail, beverages, food, milk, dairy, meat, livestock, explosives, chemicals, cotton, rice, graphite, solar power, natural gas, crude oil, fertilizers, electronics, packaging, glass manufacturing, machine parts, automobiles, industrial goods, mining, etc are just some of the industries where boards and executives have benefited from our proprietary knowledge of the supply chains. 

Click on our project methodology above to see how Big Data In Supply Chain is an integral step in each and every project that we have undertaken in the last three decades.

Since when no one had heard of supply chain, our co-founder Vivek Sood has been considered one of the most authoritative professionals in the field when it comes to the subject of supply chain analytics in Australia, Asia, North America, South America and Europe.

He has written four seminal books about restructuring supply chains to gain massive advantage in business. He also regularly delivers keynote speeches at business schools and conferences such as University of Technology Sydney, Supply Chain Asia, Asian Bankers Forum, APEC Business Advisory Council.

He has been quoted in the authoritative business press and over 100 academic papers written by supply chain researchers around the world. Vivek and his team have examined thousands of supply chains during their projects over the last three decades and helped hundreds of executives build safe, cost effective and sustainable supply chains and careers. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On Supply Chain Consulting.

What Is Meant By Supply Chain Consulting?

The supply chain is comprised of complex systems that run the business. Because of this complex nature, the supply chain management field is often appreciated rarely understood. Without the supply chain, goods and services flow will get halted. This is the chance a supply chain consultant comes in for support.

Why Is Supply Chain Consultant Or Consulting So Crucial In Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain consulting is a field that involves the logistics of moving and warehousing. A supply chain consultant works closely with the company to help them build and implement strategies to make the supply chain more effective.

The consultant will implements practices to ensure the supply chain runs smoothly. This way, the higher-level officials in business can focus on aspects of their company. As a supply chain consultant, you become a subject matter expert for all things supply chain management.

What Are The Skills That A Supply Chain Consultant Must Have?

Following are the critical skills that a supply chain consultant must include in his arsenal:

  • Project Management
  • Technical Know-How
  • Effective Cost-to-Serve Understanding
  • Problem-Solving
  • Communication.
  • Desire to Learn

What Level Of Project Management Skill Must Be Vital For The Role Of Supply Chain Consultant?

The supply chain management consultant must know how to take responsibility and see a project from start to finish.

What Level Of Technical Knowledge Is Essential For The Role Of Supply Chain Consultant?

You don't need a specialised degree to be successful. Understanding information technology and a working knowledge of it will go a long way.

Why Is Effective Cost-To-Serve Understanding Skill Essential In Supply Chain Consulting?

The efficiency of a supply chain is directly proportional to the effectiveness of the business. The right consultant is mindful of the business profitability and finds ways to improve it.

Why Is Problem-Solving Ability Essential In Supply Chain Consulting?

Supply chain management is a complex sector where anything can and does happen. It's essential to think on your toes and be a solutions-driven leader for your clients.

Why Is Communication Skill Vital In Supply Chain Consulting?

The ability to communicate is vital when informing clients and customers of the status of their supply chain. It's crucial that you can break down the most complex concepts for everyone from entry-level employees to C-suite executives.

Why Is The Desire To Learn Essential In Supply Chain Consulting?

Technology is always changing the same as supply chain management. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to effective strategies. As a supply chain consultant, you should still be ready to adapt to the latest industry changes.

What Are The Essential Segments In Supply Chain Consulting?

The following are the essential segments in the supply chain consulting:

  • Analyse the Entire Chain
  • Crucial Supply Chain Metrics
  • Implementation

What Is The Importance Of Analysing The Entire Chain?

Although lots of firms claim to be experts in the supply chain, many of them may not work through the entire chain. This can be a problem if the expertise throughout all of your supply processes is a necessity. For example, a consultant who only has critical expertise in distribution centre layout would be ideal for decision making related to warehouse management and will fix problems by optimising your warehouse. There are many other areas the experts might overlook. For instance, the real problem could be buried further up the chain or your overcrowded warehouses. It is the result of some poor planning. For extracting the optimum performance of a supply chain consulting firm, your business must ensure the consulting firm has a wealth of knowledge with experience across the entire chain so that the firm will be better prepared to analyse the chain profoundly and uncover the root of any problems.

What Is The Importance Of Crucial Supply Chain Metrics Ins Supply Chain Consulting?

The effectiveness of a supply chain depends on your knowledge onset of critical metrics. These metrics are used to measure progress and compare data. It will tell you exactly how the business is performing, where improvements are needed, and what changes have been a success or failure.

What Are The Supply Chain Metrics That Must Be Studied During The Supply Chain Consulting

  • Cash-to-Cash time cycle
  • Perfect order ratio
  • Freight bill accuracy
  • On-time shipping
  • Inventory turnover
  • Gross margin return on investment

Provide A Short Description Of Cash-To-Cash Time Cycle?

It is the period between a business paying cash to their supply and receiving money from the customer.

Provide A Short Description Of Perfect Order Ratio?

It measures your ability to deliver orders to your clients and customers without incident—an essential metric for finding flaws in the supply chain and increasing customer retention.

Provide A Short Description Of Freight Bill Accuracy?

Freight bill accuracy is shown as a percentage. Knowing this percentage allows the company to improve shipping accuracy by spotting and rectifying and damaging trends in freight bills.

Provide A Short Description Of On-Time Shipping?

It is the process of calculating the percentage of orders that have been shipped on time allows you to understand precisely how long each order will take to arrive. You can also set benchmarks which are product-specific, so your team can track and optimise shipping processes at a more granular level.

Provide A Short Description Of Gross Margin Return On Investment?

It is a critical metric for all supply chains. By tracking gross ROI on all items in your inventory, you can outline poor performers as well as areas where it makes sense to invest more heavily.

Provide A Short Description Of Inventory Turnover?

It is the number of times a company's inventory has been sold throughout a specific time frame, which is an excellent indicator of production efficiency, fulfilment abilities, and sales management.

Explain The Process Of Implementation In Supply Chain Consulting?

Hiring the best consultants is no good if the necessary changes are implemented by them into your business is not working efficiently. Most supply chain consulting firms will implement the changes for you also you can use in-house resources for it. No matter how you plan to implement the changes, a right consulting firm will give you a clear and precise implementation plan. This plan may highlight the proposed tasks your business is to take to improve processes and profitability. After the consulting has performed assessment and drawn up their conclusions, they will introduce a suggested plan for implementing the changes to move the business forward. An implementation plan should outline the required tasks, time frames, resourcing, risk management, and costing information where possible.

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Notes On FAQs

Clearly, any such list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about supply chain can never be fully exhaustive. Neither is anyone, including us, the final authority and arbitrator on this or any other topic. You will have your own opinions on many of these topics, and will have many other questions. We throw open the comments section to you for your opinions and questions. We will try to address all of these, and the best ones will attract a reward in the form of one of our books, or publications.


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