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The time for action on greening supply chains has come. Daily headlines report food shortages and concerns about energy security and dangerous climate change. Current forecasts suggest that by 2050 the human population will grow to around 9 billion, and that per capita consumption of hard and soft commodities are set to increase.

An incredible challenge lies ahead of us: already the production, extraction, and consumption of basic commodities are contributing to humanity’s unsustainable ecological footprint. But it’s not just the challenge of meeting rising global demand for food, fibre, fuel, and hard commodities in a resource constrained world.

It is also the impact of how global industries obtain these commodities: for example, biodiversity is being lost, illegal logging continues to plague the forest sector, and three-quarters of all global fisheries are fished at, or beyond, capacity.

Effective national regulation provides a basis for managing the impacts of these changes, but increasingly important are voluntary approaches that use market dynamics to reward producers for moving ahead of regulation and enable buyers to manage supply chain risks associated with the extraction or use of natural resources.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is the prime example of such a voluntary approach which is now being emulated across a range of commodities that span marine fish, agriculture, aquaculture, and minerals.

The FSC is a certification scheme for forest products backed by major global companies, NGOs, and governments. The GFTN today works with over 350 companies across the world, linking together sawmilling companies in places as far apart as Peru, Malaysia, and Sweden, with furniture manufacturers, construction companies, and retailers in the major global markets such as the US, China, and the EU.

It is clear that access to resources will be a major strategic corporate issue in the coming decades. WWF is now using the experience gained with GFTN to work on similar initiatives with other commodities.

We are convinced that the winners will be those companies that are able to demonstrate that their supply chains are clean and Green. Duncan Pollard Director, Conservation Practice & Policy WWF International.

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