Green Supply Chain: Life Cycle Management

Green Supply Chain revolutionizes the company; indeed, throughout supply chain, Green Supply Chain planning enables to minimize the environmental impact of the overall endeavour while still achieving the same results.

Everything is the Life Cycle Management:

Life Cycle Management (LCM) is an integrated approach to managing the total life cycle of products and services for sustainable consumption and production. LCM takes the concept of life cycle engineering (LCE) further as the focus is not only on a particular product, but uses the activities of all those partners in the supply chain who actually manufacture and service the products.

Life Cycle Management need not be expensive or complex to implement and also LCM helps companies to ensure that their choices are ecologically sound. In addition, it helps to identify opportunities to design better products, make cost reductions, gain a stronger competitive advantage, have superior strategic decision-making, identify new business opportunities and markets, improve relationships with key stakeholders and can even manage any inherent risks in the end-to-end supply chain. We will examine these aspects below.”

This life cycle management brings several advantages in terms of business competitiveness, reduced costs or new business opportunities and market, while leading to sustainable development.

Learn more about these benefits and goals of Life Cycle Management in Green Supply Chain – An action manifesto.

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  • Manager says:

    Green Supply chain is the most important factor for upcoming era competition. Companies should analyze once their strategies according to GSM. It can reduce their expenses and increase revenue if applicable in the right way with supervisions.

  • Alayna says:

    Hey Mr. Sood Your Green Supply Chain – An action manifesto book is very useful for all of us

    Here is what I researched on lifecycle management look over here

    Lifecycle management (LCM) is an integrated and flexible approach to business management that draws on the principles of lifecycle thinking (LCT) to help businesses of all kinds – manufacturers, retailers, financial, professional – understand their environmental impacts and where they occur within the lifecycle of their operation, from raw materials through to end-of-life.

    For manufacturers, it is important to note that more than 70 percent of the environmental impacts, including resource use, of their products and of their operations have already been locked in at the design stage i.e. when the product was designed or the manufacturing process was designed. Therefore the most effective way to reduce impacts and resource use is the address these at the design stage. This is called design for sustainability (D4S). See the link below for more information on D4S and resources.

    Lifecycle management (LCM) can benefit your business financially by helping to reduce resource (electricity, gas, water, and materials) and waste costs, as well as boosting your reputation by reducing the negative environmental impacts of your business’ operations.

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