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Sometimes it feels like you have squeezed the last available CENT out of your operations. Yet the board, the shareholders, and the markets demand more. With the current operational constraints, it is simply not possible to bring the cost structure down.

Supply Chain Management

Our methodology is totally customized to your circumstances, and constraints. We have worked in over 400 similar situations, and know which constraints can be challenged, and how.

To challenge structural constraints, you will need investments and a business-to-business network. To overcome systemic constraints, you will need to rethink the processes and enablers. We can talk a lot more about our intellectual property on this topic if you contact us directly.

Global Supply Chain Group will provide you a personalized support from the analysis, to the implementation of the Supply Chain transformation. The journey from SCM 0.0 to 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0 is arduous and fraught with deep crevices and gorges.

Even the recognition of where you are in this journey needs expert guidance. To an unaccustomed eye – all snow looks the same.

When To Use Us?

Along the way on this journey you will see the problems and symptoms that will remind you of the need for expert guides.

Supply Chain Management

These are not the only symptoms and problems. There are a few more of these which are selectively available by contacting us.

Here are some other situations where you will find it useful to engage us:

  •  When the Board of Directors has asked for a presentation on supply chain performance, contribution or plans and you are short of resources.
  •  When you are going to negotiate and need content to balance the information asymmetry.
  •  When you suspect you are spending too much on freight, transportation, Third Party Logistics (3PL), warehousing etc.
  •  When you think your suppliers in supply chain know more about supply chain in your business than you do, and they are using that knowledge as a negotiation leverage.
  •  When you think there has to be a better, more cost effective way of configuring the supply chain.
  •  When the service levels are suffering, customers are constantly complaining.
  •  When warehouses are overflowing with inventory, on rounds you routinely see obsolete/redundant stock lying around. Working capital is an issue.
  •  When evidence of lack of planning and scheduling is all over: chaos, missed shipments, double payments, double shipments, low utilization of trucks, etc.

Supply Chain Management

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