Is Apple’s 5-STAR Business Network losing its shine?

5star-book-pub-menuJust one day after Microsoft announced its phone-based voice assistant Cortana, Apple made known its plan to dramatically improve Siri. With 15 acquisitions under its belt in the last fiscal year, Apple’s latest purchase is of Novauris Technologies.

The UK-based speech-recognition software company has a team of former Dragon Systems R&D employees. Some of its clients in the past include Panasonic, Verizon Wireless, BMW and Samsung for speech recognition system integration.

Apple’s acquisition, of undisclosed amount, is said to actually have happened last year. Analysts have pointed out that the tech giant seems to be working on Siri’s offline capabilities. One of the shortcomings of Apple’s signature voice command system is its reliance on an Internet connection to function.

“Given Apple’s recent CarPlay initiative, the importance of having stable voice command functionality while on the road is increasingly apparent.

“Meanwhile, we can expect to see intense competition from rival Microsoft’s Cortana, which is set to become smarter. Apple is quietly swallowing a number of smaller companies, giving it the advantage of fast integration and turnaround,” says Vivek Sood – CEO of Global Supply Chain Group.

Unlike its rivals such as Google and Facebook who routinely spend billions of dollars on high-profile purchases, Apple tends to acquire smaller tech companies along with their technology before launching new products or features.

In fact, Siri came to life after Apple’s purchase of a company of the same name in 2010.

Kristin Huguet, a spokeswoman for Apple, says: “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”

Also recently, Apple is looking to improve product displays and battery life through a potential purchase of a Japan-based company. Renesas SP Drivers, a unit of Renesas Electronics, develops LCD chips for mobile devices and owns about one-third of the global market share.

Investors are expecting a lot of product launches from Apple, who have just rebounded from the worst monthly loss in a year. Among the anticipated products are Apple’s iTV and iWatch.

Not only developing new products, Apple is also trying to protect its patents. The most recent, yet familiar lawsuit against Samsung, has evolved to include Google.

At the same time, Amazon is taking on both Apple and Google on the TV device’s front. The world’s biggest online retailer unveiled Fire TV priced at US$99 on April 3rd.

“One of the biggest challenges in this TV gadget market is setting up a network of partners that lets you fully showcase your product’s functionality.

“Google’s Chromecast has had recent issues persuading British media companies, Apple is negotiating with Time Warner, while Amazon’s Fire TV already includes Netflix and Hulu applications. The winner will be the one with the most extensive reach within its business network,” said Sood, author of the book “The 5-Star Business Network. “Gone are the days when companies used to create products on their own and market them on a standalone basis. In today’s networked business world, both product creation as well as marketing required strong ties with an A-class business network.”

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Vivek Sood

I write about "The Supply Chain CEOs", "The 5-STAR Business Networks", and, how to "Unchain Your Corporation". In my work, I help create extraordinary corporate results using several 'unique' supply chain methodologies. Contact me for interesting, high impact projects, or, to get access to my IP for creating transformations using these methodologies.

  • Michael says:

    Yes, Apple may be suffering because of bed strategies in Indian Market. I have read a few debates where Apple has no topic to discuss. they have another competitor like I found competition between these are: “Flipkart vs. Amazon vs. Snapdeal: Winner-Take-All Battle in India”

    This Case presents the Internet retail battle in India among the e-commerce giants Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal. The domestic player Flipkart had been a dominant player and was followed by Snapdeal until the global player Amazon entered in 2013. The competitive dynamics were focused on the marketplace model, basic logistics and delivery, and customer satisfaction. With the new regulations and technology disruption in recent years, the competitive landscape shifted to private labels, artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics, and omni-channeling. As the competition got more and more intense, Flipkart – the first home-grown e-tailor- was determined to be the market leader.

  • Nino Polugo says:

    Don’t have the idea whether “Apple’s 5-STAR Business Network Losing Its Shine?” But I listen interview for the same question arises in the interview by here:

  • […] After Steve Jobs’ death – Apple frequently appears to be just harvesting the fruits in an orchard created by Steve Jobs. I have pointed this out in a previous blog here. […]

  • […] After Steve Jobs’ death – Apple frequently appears to be just harvesting the fruits in an orchard created by Steve Jobs. I have pointed this out in a previous blog here. […]

  • […] After Steve Jobs’ death – Apple frequently appears to be just harvesting the fruits in an orchard created by Steve Jobs. I have pointed this out in a previous blog here. […]

  • […] After Steve Jobs’ death – Apple frequently appears to be just harvesting the fruits in an orchard created by Steve Jobs. I have pointed this out in a previous blog here. […]

  • Margaret says:

    Apple’s smartphone has become one of the most profitable products the technology industry has ever produced. Apple has acknowledged problems with cellular connectivity on its newest smartwatch, Apple Watch Series 3. The company announced that the problem occurs when the Apple Watch Series 3, the first watch to feature the cellular service, joined unauthenticated Wi-Fi wireless networks without connectivity. Apple issued the statement after reviewers from The Wall Street Journal encountered problems while making calls.

  • Randy Cox says:

    Apple has been praised for being one of the lone major technology companies to break out how many of each of its major products it sells each quarter. When iPhones were the hot new thing, like in 2015, it was easy for the company to tell investors it shipped 46 percent more of the devices. Now, the smartphone market has matured and growth is harder to find. Global shipments fell to a notable percent in the third quarter, compared with a year earlier, leaving the industry effectively in a recession after disappointing Apple results.

  • Cassie Weinberg says:

    Before interfaces such as Apple CarPlay, no one minded if their car’s dashboard only offered the most basic of digital information. There was a clock, for example, and if you were lucky you might have even be told what temperature it was outside. But as smartphone technology improved, drivers quickly demanded more from their vehicles. After all, why should the phone in your pocket have a better screen and more responsive user interface than the one in your car, which cost considerably more?

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