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As per Malcolm Gladwell, it takes nearly 10,000 hours of deep practice to achieve world class proficiency in any one discipline.

Our people have indeed invested the time and effort to attain that mastery in at least five key disciplines that are essential to our craft:

What are these five key business transformation expertise?

We have written a white paper with details of these –  you can access it by clicking here and asking us.

With over 50,000 hours of deep practice in our craft, unburdened by administrative and political issues that senior partners in large firms face, we can safely say that there are no more that a handful of people on the planet who can exercise the craft as well as we do.

For example, one of our senior partners – Dr. Wolfgang Partsch – is known as the father of modern supply chain management. He was part of the first team ever to coin the phrase supply chain management, create the methodology and disseminate it for free around the world. Our Managing Director - Vivek Sood's story is equally interesting. 

Since then we have made big strides in using this powerful concept – supply chain management – to streamline the commercial world – first within nations, then within regions, and now globally. That is what helped us evolve the methodologies beyond the SCM 1.0 to SCM 2.0 and then to SCM 3.0.

The difference between these methodologies can make or break your business network. Imagine the difference between a Ford Model-T and a latest model family car, or racing car. To know more about the  difference between various generations of Supply Chain Management, and how it impacts your business Contact Us.

Why is this unique?

  • We were among the first supply chain strategy consulting providers in the world.
  • It is built into our DNA to stay at the forefront of SCM – Supply Chain Management.
  • We choose to work with clients and projects that allow us to continuously sharpen and update our knowledge.
  • We know that an effective supply chain model takes into account every element of business transformation that is involved – from the physical, informational elements to financial and strategic ones.

What does it mean?

  • Our clients benefit from the wisdom distilled from our ever-evolving supply chain know how.
  • You will be able to create newer supply chains models that are best suited to your needs, and faster.
  • With a sustainable supply chain mindset, we equip our clients with a holistic view of global supply chain management and business networks.

Showcase of our Supply chain management know how:

We are serious about being global thought leaders in this field. It is not happenstance that our supply chain management books are highly regarded by those who value supply chain in their business transformation.