i spend some part of everyday, for the last 34 years in logistics, shipping and transportation industry.

In that period, I have negotiated, tendered, assessed or managed logistics contracts ranging from $2 Million to nearly $10 Billions. We know this game inside out, from both side of the table.

at global supply chain group, we have written the book on logistics outsourcing.


Derided as out-of-touch with STRATEGY, and their customers’ real needs, logistics company are always struggling to add value beyond commodity grunt-work.

Flicked out at a drop-of-hat, logistics companies face constant pressure to do more work for less money.

Conditions become tougher and tougher, and all power is in the customers hands.

No matter how well they think they integrate themselves within the customers’ business – when the time comes for contract renewal, another tender is rolled out with great fan-fare.

On top of it, scrutiny from consultants is never-ending and intrusive-cutting margin and increasing SLA requirements.

Global Supply Chain Group’s free report for Logistics Company Owners and CEOs reveals how logistics companies leave a lot of money on the table. The report TEN BIGGEST MISTAKES OF LOGISTICS COMPANIES is only available for limited time by contacting us.

When do logistics companies call us?

When a large, and very important tender, that you 'must win', is about to come out.

When you are not winning enough new business.

When the margins are much lower than anticipated.

When a lucrative and large customer is unhappy and you cannot figure out how to turn around the situation.

When the customer churn becomes excessive and uncontrolled.