Every Business Today Lives or Dies by Its Supply Chain

Live a little Better 

Why this workshop has been created?

This is a first serious effort towards a clear, actionable plan for the transformation to a Supply Chain! The Workshop, designed by our experts with vast international experience, answer 5 key questions:

  1. Why building a long lasting win-win relationship with your supplier to reduce globally the cost across your whole supply chain.
  2. How customized contract can save you extra cost excursions
  3. How to manage the negotiation process with the cultural differences.
  4. How to use cost modeling
  5. How to slash contract negotiation time
  6. The style of the workshop is direct, action oriented and comprehensive. It covers all of the basics as well as providing detailed and wider discussions to encourage thought and practical application. To facilitate practical application, the workshop is illustrated by case studies and application checklists.

Vivek led the path breaking global study on Green Supply Chains based on the proprietary research, interviews with more than key 100 executives, original case studies, green system and process mapping, and nearly 18 man-months of original analysis by top-tier strategy cconsulting calibre analysts. It gives a holistic view of the green supply chains through decades, traces how businesses and supply chains have always moved in lock-step with each other and creates a map of future of the green supply chains. It also takes into account the trends, the capabilities, the changing business needs, and geo-political realities to create a holitstic view of Green Supply Chains and their key elements.   Vivek is the Managing Director of Global Supply Chain Group, a boutique strategy consulting firm specialising in Supply Chain Strategies, and headquartered in Sydney, Australia. He has over 24 years of experience in strategic transformations and operational excellence within global supply chains. Prior to co-founding Global Supply Chain Group in January 2000, Vivek was a management consultant with top-tier strategy consulting firm Booz Allen & Hamilton.   Vivek provides strategic operations and supply chain advice to boards and senior management of global corporations, private equity groups and other stakeholders in a range of industries including FMCG, food, shipping, logistics, manufacturing, chemicals, mining, agribusiness, construction materials, explosives, airlines and electrical utilities.   Vivek has served dozens of world-wide corporations in nearly 70 small and large projects on all continents with a variety of clients in many different industries. Most of projects have involved diagnostic, conceptualisation and transformation of suppply chains – releasing significant amount of value for the business. His project work in supply chain management has added cumulative value in excess of $500M incorporating projects in major supply chain infrastructure investment decisions, profitable growth driven by global supply chain realignment, supply chain systems, negotiations and all other aspects of global supply chains.   Vivek has written a number of path breaking articles and commentaries that are published in several repected journals and magazines. Vivek has spoken at severl supply chain conferences, forums and workshops in various parts of the world. He has also conducted several strategic workshops on various aspects of supply chain management. He received his MBA with Distinction from the Australian Graduate School of Management in 1996 and prior to these studies spent 11 years in the Merchant Navy, rising from a Cadet to Master Mariner.​


a. Private Workshop tailored to suit your business and run in-house for your managers and those of your major suppliers and customers. Enquire now!  

b. Public Workshop, bringing together GMs & Supply Chain Managers from across industries. Runs every quarter in major cities. Enquire now!   

c. Audience: Both workshops are intended for CEO/COO/GM level executives, Supply Chain Managers and related stakeholders.