Every Business Today Lives or Dies by Its Supply Chain

Live a little Better 

The 5-STAR Business Network


If you are as deeply passionate about the world of business and supply chain networks as I am, and enjoy digging answers to critical questions that will help build and steer your business with wisdom, then join me. This book is a journey of exploration through the world of business networks that run along the veins of today’s commercial world.

  •  Design, produce and sell products that satisfy customer needs
  •  Systematically generate more cash faster with the right tools
  •  Turn unprofitable transactions into profitable transactions by leveraging big data
  •  Use Advanced Product Phasing to create series of products
  •  Results-Focused Outsourcing and Modularisation provides the most advanced framework 

Outsourcing 3.0


Building upon the concept of a “5-Star Business Network”, this book deals with one of the five key pillars in a supernet worked business – outsourcing. With nearly 40 case studies, examples and anecdotes around one comprehensive framework, Outsourcing 3.0 is the showcase of my and the co-author’s combined experience in this field.

  • Find out the value drivers behind outsourcing
  •  Learn to navigate the grey area between “Must outsource” and “Must not outsource”
  •  Grasp the dynamics of outsourcing
  •  Understand why traditional outsourcing is failing expectations

Financial Leadership of Operations


Many Finance executives want to explore the operations management and supply chains in a more in-depth manner. Why? Because if you have only a vague idea of what is inside the workings of their own operations and happening apply chains – then how can they lead the charge into the brave new world?

Learn from the world’s best thought leaders and practitioners in finance, in operations, in supply chain and in strategy.

  •  Increase your influence and credibility in the board room
  •  Skyrocket your career even in a volatile and uncertain corporate world
  •  Add to your company’s profitability despite challenging economic times
  •  Make your company’s customers happy no matter how demanding they become
  •  Build longer lasting lead over your competitors

More books by the same author

Green Supply Chains – An Action Manifesto


This is not an ordinary book. It is comprehensive and actionable set of methodologies that you can use to turn your traditional supply chain into green supply chain. It is based on practical experience, proprietary research and executive interviews with the leading practitioners.

  • Tangible and intangible benefits of moving towards a Green Supply Chain
  •  The costs of Green Supply Chains, both direct and indirect
  •  Methods to communicate and measure progress towards Green Supply Chains
  •  The barriers to Green Supply Chains and how to overcome them

A Comprehensive Report on Strategic Trends in Supply Chain Information Technology


This publication is not for everyone. In fact it is only for those select group of executives who operate on that cutting edge of thinking where Supply Chain Strategy and Information Technology Strategy merge. Other people will find the material too esoteric for their understanding, or unactionable for their level of action. Of course, if you are curious about what is happening on the cutting edge, by all means buy the work. However, that is a large price to pay to satisfy a mere curiousity.