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“Decisions determine destiney.”

Frederick Speakman​​​​

Operational engineering is the realization, examination, developement and improvement of a complex system of people, money, equipment, materials and processes. Operational engineers use traditional principals and methods of engineering with an emphasis on quantitative methods to increase efficiency as well as effectiveness. Practical applications for operational engineering include; designing assembly line stations, logistics strategizing, efficiency consulting, developing financial algorithms, location and usage optimisation, distribution planning and shortening queues.

As systems grow more complex in order to meet demands, design evolution no longer seems feasible. This presents you with a need for new methods of engineering to tackle the ever increasing complexity. Operational engineering addresses a system as a whole, instead of traditional methods which would likely focus on the sum of the parts of a system in order to combat the increased complexity.

At Global Supply Chain Group our experts utilize their extensive knowledge in operational engineering to evaluate results and award our customers with the most cost effective and profitable option to their company. Our staff will work directly with your company to ensure all of your consumer needs are met using as little resources as possible.