Opportunities for Start-ups in Supply Chain Security

Opportunities for Start-ups in Supply Chain Security


Vivek Sood




February 5, 2019

People often wonder where the best opportunities for start-ups are. Supply Chain Security space is getting a lot of attention in this regard.

In fact, just today someone asked me on a popular platform about opportunities for start-ups in Supply Chain Security space . They wonder whether these were more in software, or consulting arena.

Here is my view:

It would be neither of those two. Rather it will be a combination of hardware and software – initial application know-how will have to come from the user side.

Let me explain.

Post-2001 (911) the world of supply chain security has changed dramatically. The regulatory environment has evolved dramatically (as we explain in my report Global Supply Chain Group’s SUPPLY CHAIN SECURITY REPORT). But that is not the only change. Almost everything – customer innocence, political and cultural norms, technology and particularly technology – has evolved dramatically as is explained in this report.

Most importantly – the threat perception has evolved considerably. Look at the diagram below which summarises the supply chain threats over the decades:

So far, this is common sense representation of common knowledge. What is not common knowledge is how technology has evolved in response to these trends.

There are at least 6 technological streams which find applications in supply chain security. You will find them in the report, or in this survey on supply chain security – Supply Chain Security Survey

But the most interesting insight in the report is that almost all the opportunities offered are in combinations of hardware, software and some know-how in the application.

That is not to say that pure-play companies do not exist. In fact, many companies have evolved to products with a considerable component of application know-how. In mature products that is always going to be the case.

But, for a start-up, a combination of hardware, software and some application know-how is the best bet

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Vivek Sood

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  • According to a report I was studying recently, the demand for cyber security jobs is expected to rise to 6 million globally by 2019. For those already in the tech field that are looking to become entrepreneurs in the cyber security should expect to make more money as this is a growing field that has seen. The software startup business is a huge one as there are various kinds of software that one can produce to make money, from essentials, antivirus, to customized software. All you need as a business person is to identify the specific area that is likely to bring in money. You also would need to ensure that once created, your software can easily be used by those whom you have built it for.

  • Malwares are one great threat to any business. It usually refers to a variety of intrusive software which includes computer viruses as well as other malicious programs. It can destroy a business, if specified by the hacker to do so.
    As a threat response engineering startup consultant, you are tasked with ensuring that you perform an in-depth analysis on malwares affecting your clients, proffer solutions as well as give assurance to your clients. You must have knowledge of analytic tools such as Wireshark, Softice, IdaPro, Ollydebug as well as others that can help in solving your client’s problem on time.

  • Knowing what to do in cyber security is very vital and as such you must be very proficient in this startup business. Clients are always more confident if they can view your certifications, and so you might need to brush up on getting your certifications. A systems analyst is responsible for ensuring that certain requirements should be implemented in code. This means that a systems analyst bridges the gap between the requirement of a project and the specifications that were stated by the client.

  • In today’s environment, companies thrive by moving fast and specializing. To remain focused on their primary business, companies leverage third party vendors to enhance competencies and solve non-core problems. While third party vendors augment the company’s capabilities, they also open the door to a variety of potential vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit to defeat the company’s security posture. It is no surprise that leveraging trusted channels is an especially attractive way for cyber criminals to infiltrate well-protected organizations. The startups may focus on solving such problems and make money.

  • As indicated by a report from Cisco, the interest for cybersecurity employments is required to ascend to 6 million all around by 2019. For those as of now in the tech field that are hoping to progress toward becoming business people in cybersecurity ought to hope to get more cash-flow as this is a developing field that has seen. All you need as a businessman is to recognize the particular territory that is probably going to get cash.

  • Good article Vivek. Realizing what to do in digital security is essential and in that capacity, you should be capable to work with new organizations. Customers are in every case progressively sure in the event that they can see your affirmations, thus you may need to review getting your confirmations. A frameworks expert is in charge of guaranteeing that specific necessities ought to be executed in the code. This implies frameworks investigator crosses over any barrier between the necessity of an undertaking and the particulars that were expressed by the customer.

  • Malware is one unexpected danger to any business. It, as a rule, alludes to an assortment of nosy programming which incorporates PC infections just as different vindictive projects. It can wreck a business whenever determined by the programmer to do as such. You should know about investigative devices, for example, Wireshark, Softice, IdaPro, Ollydebug just as others that can help in taking care of your customer’s concern on schedule.

  • In the present condition, organizations flourish by moving quick and practicing strategies. To stay concentrated on their essential business, organizations influence outsider sellers to improve their potentials and take care of non-center issues. It is nothing unexpected that utilizing believed channels is a particularly appealing route for cybercriminals to penetrate well-secured associations. The new businesses may concentrate on tackling such issues and gain maximized profits.

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