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    Who We Are?

    We are arguably one of world's first top tier strategy houses focused entirely on the art of supply chain management. 

    Since January 2000, our supply chain pioneers and thought leaders have powered business transformations in blue chip corporations, to continually strengthen and safeguard profitability.

    Very few people know supply chains like we do. Retail, beverages, food, milk, dairy, meat, livestock, explosives, chemicals, cotton, rice, graphite, solar power, natural gas, crude oil, fertilizers, electronics, packaging, glass manufacturing, machine parts, automobiles, industrial goods, mining, etc are just some of the industries where boards and executives have benefited from our proprietary knowledge.

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    What We Do?

    We strengthen your profitability from within your supply chain. Your profits are under constant attack from your suppliers, your competitors, your customers and many other directions. 

    We have created a seamless organisation that transcends national boundaries to serve global clients with elegance and panache.

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    How We Do It?

    We safeguard your profits by bolstering your supply chain in a robust and systematic manner. Post-COVID-19, supply chain attacks on your profitability are growing. Your margins should not be at the mercy of others.

    Measured against MBBB firms and their clones, our key differentiation is that we achieve better results with smaller teams - due to undivided attention of world's best experts in our field. Today we carefully choose projects to continue enhancing our thought leadership in supply chains.

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    Our Mission and Vision

    To be the premier thought leadership institution in Supply Chain governance and strategy - working with the boards, CEOs, and our client teams to strengthen profitability of our clients' corporations.

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    Our Values

    Our values help our team leverage our knowledge base to create outstanding results. Click here to see our values - Our Values