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how we do supply chain strategies

If you want to try the same methods, you will need supply chain mastery, or at least someone who has supply chain mastery with you. Otherwise, your attempts to emulate our methods are likely to counterproductive. That is the nature of these methods.

Begin strong

At the start of every project, we clear our mind of all pre-conceived notions, and start with a clean slate. This is necessary to make sure that we do not cross-contaminate cases. This also helps us keep our personal biases aside. 

Get inside knowledge and accurate data

Next we interview key personnel (senior executives, and operational staff) to generate hypotheses for problems definition and solution design. 

The next step is the most critical step.

apply cutting edge supply chain expertise

The graph below bears the hallmark of our supply chain strategy crafting, which we believe is more than a combination of art and science. It is also the trust, care and passion each and every of our senior supply chain consultants puts into a client’s project.

What are we looking to achieve by doing all this?

We look for big opportunities to move the supply chain to next level. Look at the figure below for a clue:


Rest of this method will fill up an entire book. In fact we have written such a book - UNCHAIN YOUR CORPORATION - which is only available from one source. 

While we have two main offices in Sydney, Australia and Munich, Germany, our network has always been global just as how supply chains are now. From the very beginning, we have created a seamless organisation that transcends national boundaries to serve global clients with elegance and panache.

If you want to read a short conceptual summary of the approach we use for business transformations that can deliver results in excess of TEN times the project costs, please click here.