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"We need to learn to set our course by the stars, not by every passing ship"    – Omar Bradley

Our Core Values

Our values help our team leverage our knowledge base to create outstanding results. The following are our core values:

Supply Chain focus

We focus on what we are really good at – Supply Chain Strategies.

Focus on high leverage areas

To maximise value to our clients, we use our disciplined and robust methodology to identify and focus on points of high leverage in Supply Chains.

No cookie cutter approach

We do not start with any pre-conceived ideas of what is wrong, or just one way of how the world should work. Each client case is different.

True collaboration

We believe in true collaboration, where client teams and consulting teams bring together their strengths to formulate truly unique and high value solutions.


It is in everyone's best interest for us to stay committed to a client engagement till we are adding value, and leave when we are not.

Easy to work with

While our work is of very serious nature, we are always fun to work with and achieve a balance of creating outstanding results through happy application of mind and spirit.