Every Business Today Lives or Dies by Its Supply Chain

Live a little Better 

Our value added is typically in excess of 10 times the project costs
  • Our results, by far, exceed those delivered by other strategy consutling firms or internal teams.
  •  Aided by our ability to envision supply chains of tomorrow, we quickly focus on strategic points of high leverage in order to create highest business impact in shortest periods of time.
  •  Our key people are pioneers and renowned thought leaders in the field of supply chain management. One of them was part of the team that coined the phrase “Supply Chain Management” more than 25 years ago – and was instrumental in developing the whole methodology, terminology and tool kit during the pioneering days of this discipline.
  •  We stay on the job only till we (and our clients) believe we are adding value. We recognize that we do not want to be part of the client management team.
  •  We fund to develop and remain on the cutting edge of new research, methodologies, models, heuristics and tools.
  •  With a combined experience of more than 150 projects and more than 120 years in supply chain consulting and senior management, our core team has seen many type of situations, industries, geographies and issues.
  • Our hypothesis-driven approach combined with our accumulated intellectual capital of templates, databases and benchmarks is extremely powerful in short-circuiting the project life-cycle.
Our projects are less expensive to our clients.
  • Rates are about 70%-90% of the top-tier strategy consulting companies who do similar work.
  •  Hours worked are lower because we don’t inundate projects with learn-on-the-job junior staff.