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Below You Will Also Find The Summary Points For Each Chapter In The Book.

Chapter 1 – Why Outsource?

  • Learn the drivers behind companies’ decisions to outsource
  • Understand how outsourcing fits into the big picture

Chapter 2 – The $483 Billion Question – “When To Outsource And When Not To Outsource?”

  • Find out what the most outsourced service on earth today is
  • Understand the diverse landscape of outsourcing
  • Discuss Core Competence as an elusive concept in the debate on outsourcing
  • Learn how to navigating the grey area between “Must outsource” and “Must not outsource”

Chapter 3 – Do Not Be Led Astray By These Myths About Outsourcing

  • Understand that outsourcing is an emotionally charged topic that can be prone to fabricated myths
  • Learn about the seven myths that can fog your vision
  • Learn how to debunk these myths

Chapter 4 – Here Is Why Traditional Outsourcing Fails

  • Read and analyse various examples of outsourcing catastrophes
  • Learn that outsourcing tasks does not transfer responsibility for those tasks
  • Learn the specific implications of outsourcing failure
  • Understand the key mistakes in large scale outsourcing projects and the reasons behind them

Chapter 5 – What We Are Doing About Outsourcing Failures Is Not Enough!

  • An overview of different outsourcing models
  • Learn how these models stack up against one another in various criteria, including:

            1.      Modularisation and collaboration

            2.      Control and flexibility of the agreement

            3.      Strategy and degree of outsourcing

            4.      Duration and stakes of the contract

            5.      Resources needed and localization

            6.      Size and assets specificity

Chapter 6 – Results-Focused Outsourcing And Modularisation Is The Solution

  • Learn the secret behind outsourcing success and the key pillars of Modularisation: Standardisation, Homogenisation, Commoditisation
  • Understand benefits and approaches to Modularisation
  • Get the overall taste of Results-Focused Outsourcing and Modularisation (ROM), the key model of this book
  • Understand briefly what each stage of ROM entails

Chapter 7 – Preparation Is Critical

  • Understand that the failure rate of outsourcing is still high and failures often happen because of poor preparation process
  • Learn the key questions to ask during preparation
  • Learn the key steps in preparation: Set service objectives – Analyse customers & product segmentation – Define service parameters
  • Get some key pointers about issues to manage during the preparation stage

Chapter 8 – Rules Of Engagement

  • Understand the importance and benefits of the market engagement stage
  • Learn the different engagement processes for different needs
  • Learn the key steps in market engagement: Gather service data and requirements -Identify Market Service Dynamics – Custom design market engagement process
  • Understand the importance of a structured approach towards market engagement

Chapter 9 – Natural Selection

  • Identify the five most common mistakes in vendor selection
  • Learn the key vendor selection steps: Collate and analyse vendors’ propositions – Select the vendor – Create and agree on performance measures
  • Learn about different types of criteria, selection methods, types of suppliers
  • Understand that negotiation should help you retain control and its key steps

Chapter 10 – Seamless Integration

  • Understand why integration is necessary for outsourcing to work
  • Learn that a continuous flow of information, collaborative partners enhance the relationship
  • Understand that Supply Chains are morphing into integrative business networks and its implications
  • Learn the key steps in integration: Create data collection management & analysis protocols – Create presentation standard for data and information -Put in place protocols, systems & processes
  • Learn how to motivate suppliers and the importance of corrective procedures

Chapter 11 – Real Value Creation

  • Understand that value means more than monetary gains
  • Understand the network effect and the real power of business networks
  • Distinguish between Value accretion vs. Value synergy vs. Value synchronicity
  • Learn how value creation distinguishes between good and bad outsourcing
  • Identify the qualities that enable value creation when outsourcing
  • Learn how to evaluate value creation
  • Learn key steps in value creation: Prepare report – Benchmark – Analyse variance and root cause – Analyse corrective actions – Forward planning

Chapter 12 – ROM In Japanese Ship Building

  • Understand how ROM can boost business success with a historical case study of Japanese shipbuilding
  • Learn who the mastermind behind Japan’s success was as well as his methods and ideas
  • Understand how the shipbuilding industry illustrated ROM key concepts
  • Understand the key benefits of ROM in shipbuilding, which can be applied across different sectors

There are only two kinds of people on this earth. Those who are AGAINST outsourcing, and those who are FOR outsourcing. This book is meant for both of them. On a more serious note, if you intend to have nothing to do with this global phenomenon called outsourcing, then sadly this book is not for you. Otherwise, if will help you in some way, or the other. 

Only if you promise to spread the good word. Actually, come to think of it, we know you will do that anyway once you read this book – so, yes please ask (email: [email protected]) and we will get it signed by the Author. If it is meant as a gift for a valued client, customer or supplier, do not forget to include their name in the request. Do not forget that if you buy from us you will get the hardcopy, full colour, premium paper VIP version of the same book that is available at bookstores worldwide. 

We love to browse before we buy, and no doubt, you do too. A lot of information is available on the book’s specialist website Some additional information is also available on Amazon where general public buys this book in soft-copy format. If you are a serious reader, and want to read the first 3 chapters for free before making a decision, please send us an email on [email protected] and we will send these to you via an email. 

The central message of this book is very simple, yet profound. All the complexity is in implementation, which is what most of this book is about. Here is some food for thought:

  • Why do companies outsource?

Because, Outsourcing provides leverage.

  • What does that mean?

It allows you to do things you could not do yourself, and it allows you to do them faster, better and at a lower cost.

Like all leverage, outsourcing is a double-edged sword too. On one hand, it allows you to do more, faster. On the other hand, if it goes bad, it can easily kill your business. If you do not believe that is possible – you can look into the Fox Meyer saga from the 90s and see for yourself.

The trend of outsourcing continues to grow unabated with the whole gamut of services, from simple to mission-critical tasks. There is not a single company on earth that does not outsource anything. It is not just about cost arbitrage, it is also a finer expression of division of labour at the organisational level.

  • What are the key criteria that help you decide when to outsource and when not to outsource?

In this book, you will learn to recognize how ubiquitous outsourcing is the modern day organization and life, and how to keep your eyes open to recognize situations that are amenable to outsourcing. The full list of all outsourceable activities within a company may include an element of surprise.

You will also learn why you must NOT outsource in some circumstances because of strategic or tactical reasons.

  • The big question that everyone asks is…
  • How to do it well?
  • That is what we address in this book

In the past, in line with the standard practice in publishing industry, when a company or person wanted to present multiple copies of books as gift to their customers or suppliers we have offerred upto 35% off on deals of more than 100 copies for conferences and events. On purchases above 3 copies we are happy to discuss discounts on an individual basis. Please send us an email on [email protected] to discuss. 

Reading this book will not make you appear taller, slimmer or more attractive. Yet, it might end up making you richer and more successful. Here is what more than FIFTY successful executives said about the benefits they derived from this book. This may help you make up your mind on how it can help you. 

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