Poll – What are the biggest problems with Supply Chain Management Software and Systems?


Executives, managers and businessmen encounter a multitude of problems while deciding, selecting, implementing and using supply chain management software.

We have created a poll to stimulate discussion on the most common problems. Please participate in the poll and use comment section to share your experience. Here is the link to the poll http://linkd.in/ri2eFw 

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Vivek Sood

I write about "The Supply Chain CEOs", "The 5-STAR Business Networks", and, how to "Unchain Your Corporation". In my work, I help create extraordinary corporate results using several 'unique' supply chain methodologies. Contact me for interesting, high impact projects, or, to get access to my IP for creating transformations using these methodologies.

  • Rebecca says:

    Globalization presents several critical supply chain management challenges to enterprises and organizations:

    First, to reduce costs across the supply chain, enterprises are moving manufacturing operations to countries which offer lower labor costs, lower taxes, and/or lower costs of transport for raw materials. For some companies, outsourcing production involves not only a single country, but several countries for different parts of their products.

    Mr. Sood, I think there should be more content in this blog

  • Semaj says:

    Supply chain management procedures aren’t always smooth. Mobile data collection, however, can help solve roadblocks.

    Managers are always working to solve a unique assortment of challenges that threaten to disrupt the flow of their supply chains. As you might imagine, a kink in the supply chain can cause product shipments and other warehouse operations to come to a halt

    For example, if one supplier is preventing a company from developing a product because they’re failing to deliver certain items, this can damage the latter’s bottom line and disrupt other suppliers that are relying on product shipment orders.

    Why do these hold-ups – as well as other supply chain and supply chain management problems – occur? They happen for a number of reasons. Let’s address a few issues that rattle supply chain and supply chain management strategies and how mobile data collection software can help solve them…..[https://bit.ly/2QhLqTg]

  • Mason says:

    Sorry, I went to the link but it is not working. I think I’m too late to give Poll.

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