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Mentor Guided Pre-recorded Video Courses

Executives are traditionally used to getting information in the format of reports such as McKinsey and other strategy consultants write.

That was also our preferred format of providing information for the first 18 years of our companies existence.

Then, one day, we had an epiphany. Why not try the video as the medium of delivering supply chain courses? The video turned out to be a better medium for getting the information you need.

These are on-demand courses you can complete at your own convenience. They cover the same information – and you still get access to the printed material. However, it adds a whole new dimension when some of the worlds’ best experts explain the material in the report. The live examples, similes, and metaphors as well as case studies add the extra zest to the videos.

We have to optimise the size and quality of the videos so that people can watch them on the go – in between meetings while travelling, and when they have spare time with the phone.

Your mentors will guide you through the course so that you can absorb the worlds best IP on the topic, and, at the same time create personalised content that you can use in your workplace the very next day. Be sure to participate actively and make the best of your investment.

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