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best way to help others is to first help yourself

Supply Chain Strategy

help yourself first

The words 'supply chain' do not easily create meaningful mental images. It is even harder to know and contrast a 'good' supply chain, a 'bad' supply chain and an 'ugly' supply chain. 

When to reach out

Think of this as the difference between the world's 'pro-circuit' golf or tennis players, your typical 'club champion', and a 'beginner' player. 

You will encounter a lot of 'beginners' a few 'club champions' but rarely a 'pro-circuit' player in your company supply chains. That is just the natural order of things. 

That is why it is always good to know who to call whenever you have a question, a problem, a dilemma, or a doubt about supply chains.

Why to reach out

A 'pro-circuit' player will always have a deeper and wider perspective that could change everything in the situation to your advantage. For dozens of real life examples get hold of our book - UNCHAIN YOUR CORPORATION

When you are done asking your freight forwarder, your warehouse operator, your accounting auditors, and your strategy consultants about your supply chain, then it is time to reach out to us. Better still, save a lot of time and money for your company by taking the shorter route. 


  1. Total confidentiality
  2. Empathy with your perspective and mission
  3. Professional courtesy
  4. Quickest, and best possible resolution to your query
  5. Living our values


Any queries or questions that can be resolved in a telephone call, or an email will be thus resolved. 

If we are certain that there is someone else who is better than us for resolving a particular query, either due to subject matter expertise, or due to geographical or other access, we will recommend him, or her. This is not altruistic or idealistic. This allows us to focus on our highest value added - projects of substance and interest.

If the situation is best handled through a workshop, or a training we will advise that solution. 

If the problem is worthy of a diagnostic, we will advise accordingly. We might even advise who is the best person or entity for the diagnostic in case we do not consider it part of our repertoire, or interest at the moment. 

We will provide you with a clear statement of work and rates before commencing any work. There will be no surprises, neither in our charges, nor in our deliverables.