Recommendations – Outperform Outsource Outprofit

Brilliant, innovative, concise: these are the words that best describe Vivek Sood’s new book. In this global economy, filled with complexity and volatility, the authors provide incredible advice to CEOs and Global Executives who constantly ask: “Should we outsource or not?’’. This book yields world class insights and helps solve the often controversial and difficult issue of outsourcing. Readers will gain a broader perspective and extend their vision far beyond the standard HBR business analysis.

Robert Cullen – General Counsel, JSI Logistics – Adjunct Professor of Leadership, University of Santa Clara Law School

In a world where the strength of competing global supply networks are determined by their weakest links, outsourcing became a critical business capability. We all have faced outsourcing decisions driven by costs saving targets, and experienced the resulting unsatisfactory business performance, hidden expenses and operational inefficiencies. This book from long-term industry expert, Vivek Sood, will show you the evolution of this exciting subject through the different lenses you need, and instruct you how to leverage your partners in co-creating your own business success! A book to apply as you learn. Chapter by chapter. Highly recommended.

Alexis Rotenberg – Partner and Executive advisor for Supply Chain, Gartner

If you studied the theory underlying principal-agent model, this book will provide you with many interesting, practical examples of the opportunities and the risks that come with choosing and managing such relationships. Modern trends in customizing the supply to local demand, combined with more frequent re-shoring of production capabilities, suggest that understanding the “why” and the “how” of outsourcing is immensely valuable to the companies and to the individuals on both sides of the outsourcing decisions.

Kris Kosmala – Vice President/MD APAC, Quintiq

A true practitioners book, both for experienced “outsourcers” and for those new to the subject. By using lots of practical examples, Vivek shows that just as today’s business world is getting more and more complex every day, in outsourcing we see the same thing happening, which means that we also have to think about outsourcing in a more structured and sophisticated way than before. Outsourcing is not a black and white world, but full of many shades of grey. Because of this, Vivek has wisely opted for not pretending to have “the” magical one-size-fits-all solution, but rather for providing a large number of useful practical questions, reflections and thoughts, bound together by an overall framework that will surely be of help in any given outsourcing context. Very recommended reading!

Ed Weenk – QuSL, Supply Chain Consulting, Training & Education