• Tailored, Purposeful and Entertaining
  • Gamified Learning - The Messages Stick 
  • Customised for The Audience - Boards, Executive Teams, Managers, Analysts, or Shopfloor Level

3-Day MBA in supply chain practice

This has to be one of our best value training. It starts from the basics, assuming no prior knowledge of supply chain management. It takes the participants through the intermedieate level training suitable for supply chain middle managers. On the final day it gives them a glimpse of the top level supply chain thinking. Days two and three are fully customised to your company needs to cover the content most important to your industry and geography. 

  • Custom built — You get to choose the content from one day courses and modular courses. • Save on external consulting fees by utilizing internal human resources. 
  • Completely private — Bring from 4 to 30 people from the same company. 
  • The cost is $7200 per head. 
  • Buy four to get one additional at half price. • Buy nine to get one additional free.

TOP FIVE BENEFITS of 3-day MBA in supply chain practice

  1. A comprehensive body of knowledge in Supply Chain Management — ensure that your people add the most value possible to your business. 
  2. Customizable content — only the relevant information is imparted to reduce confusion and spur action. 
  3. Flexible format, deliver 3 days in a row, or with gaps in between — make sure that people can absorb all the material as delivered. 
  4. Practical material, no mundane, irrelevant theories or equations — ensure people can apply the material to relevant situations straight away. 
  5. Start from scratch and move to the cutting edge of supply chain management’s knowledge base.

STRUCTURE - 3 day mba in supply chain practice 


Choose any course from Fundamental or Intermediate day programs. We will work with you further to make sure the content delivered is customized to your organisation and its supply chain needs. 

Key messages from management can be incorporated in supply chain games etc.

Program runs for a whole day with time for lunch and breaks. Program incorporates a number of breakout discussions, case studies, games, exercises and presentations to deliver the key messages. 


Choose any course from Fundamental or Intermediate or Advanced day programs. 

Similar structure as Fundamentals day. Can choose two half-day courses if considered more appropriate. Please talk to us. 


Choose any course from Intermediate or Advanced day programs. 

Similar structure as Fundamentals day.

Can choose two half-day courses if considered more appropriate. 

Please talk to us.To discuss the needs of your team, and a customised program for your company, contact us on workshops@globalscgroup.com.

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