Freight Spend - Are you Always at their mercy?



Save Freight Costs

You do not have to pay anything close to the market rates - especially if you have the volumes and flexibility. 

What are 11 different ways of buying freight?

Shun Risky Freight Contracts

Often risky contracts come back to bite you at the worst possible time. Why put your career at risk?

What are all your contractual options?

Challenge Dubious Surcharges 

Most buyers notice dubious and unexpected surcharges in the freight and logistics company invoices. 

Why take the audit risk?

as a customer, it is your right to have full control of your Shipping and logistics!

Vivek Sood

"Mr Supply Chain"

Started as a shipping cadet in 1982

"We are one of the largest shippers on earth, and we employ some of the smartest freight buyers on earth to manage our freight. Yet, somehow, I have a nagging feeling that we can do much better - on shipping costs, on freight contracts risks, and on freight service levels."

This is how the President of a company with tens of billions of dollars of revenue explained his dilemma to me. 

Without getting into the full details of all the work that ensued - I can reveal that one of the outcomes was the challenge he threw at me to succinctly write in a handbook, the gist of my 34 years of experience controlling all aspects of freight and logistics.

He wanted his executives to use my handbook to train the brilliant, young graduates that he hired from the best universities in the world.

In this handbook, he wanted the on the ground freight logistics knowledge to be collated, codified  and explained in an easy to understand manner so the new graduates can, within weeks, come up to speed and same level as veterans with several years of experience in buying freight and logistics. 

Yet, he wanted it to be equally useful to the seasoned industry veterans - clarifying confusions, providing context and yet incorporating cutting edge latest information. 

This handbook is the result, and by clicking the button below you can find out more about it. 


  • Why do freight sellers behave the way they do?
  • When is the right time to buy freight?
  • What kind of contracts are the best?
  • What is the structure of the global freight market?
  • What is the underlying 'code of conduct' in the freight markets?
  • Will the buyer always lose no matter how big their company is?
  • What can small freight buyers do?
  • What about the mid-size freight buyers?
  • How can you get a reasonable freight contract?
  • Why is it so hard to enforce a freight contract to your satisfaction?
  • Will the shipping company's greed kill the global supply chains?
  • What is your 'real' level of control over your shipping and logistics?

These are not the only common questions. If I list all the common questions I have been asked in the last 12 months I will almost write an entire guide here on this page.

You will be better off taking a look at the guide by clicking the button below.