Every Business Today Lives or Dies by Its Supply Chain

Live a little Better 

Your shipping is the unique and one of the most expensive parts of your entire Supply Chain. Progressive companies are now taking active steps to understand and manage these enormous hidden costs.​

Global research finds five critical problems leading to enormous hidden costs companies face in shipping management.​

  •  Accepting archaic language, out-of-date contractual practices and opaque market structures that deliberately create information asymmetry.
  •  Insufficient and non-quantified understanding of the full impact of a lack of planning in shipping on the upstream and downstream supply chain activities.
  •  Transactional mind-set to manage a strategic element of the supply chain
  •  Over-reliance on external parties
  •  Ceding control of operation to the shipping company or other market movers.

To help you make sure that your Shipping Management is not foundered by any of the five critical problems, Global Supply Chain Group has created a unique service that combines the best of supply chain planning with the best of the shipping management. From the team that includes the original creators of supply chain management disciple, this is the epitome of professional supply chain planning and control as applied across the functional area of shipping​

Shipping Supply Chain Integration Program

This program can save your company. Millions of dollars of supply chain and shipping costs Thousands of man-hours of shipping and Supply Chain Planning time From high inventories, stock-outs, lost sales, acrimonious shipper or consignee relationships, expediting cost blow-outs and nasty surprises. Companies that have worked with us on Shipping Management and Supply Chain Integration Program before have been fully satisfied. This tailored solution is the bespoke solution for your full needs. It is designed to ensure that the best knowledge base on the shipping industry as relevant to your business is combined with the best strategic thinking as applied to your supply chain management.

The program will deliver outstanding bottom-line benefits without any risks.