When do you need supply chain mastery?

The journey to mastering anything in life starts with small steps, and it is not exception for Supply Chain 3.0 mastery. The very first thing to do is to do some self-diagnosis. It is recommended to deploy a structured diagnostic tool kit for a comprehensive and accurate picture of your company’s health.

Look for unhappy customers

There will always be unhappy customers, but if there is a pattern of customers who are unhappy, then there is something wrong with the way you are fulfilling their demands.

Look at your profitability

If you are happy with your profits, most likely things are in order. If you are not, then your major focus has to be how to keep innovating, keep thinking so that your competitive advantage in supply chain can improve.

Considering business transformation projects?

Depending on your unique situation, you may need an end-to-end supply chain transformation, or a lower level operational transformation. If you are only unhappy with some processes, perhaps it calls for smaller tweaks such as business process re-engineering.

Our contribution

We have helped a number of our client corporations achieve outstanding results in industries as diverse as solar energy, retail, chemicals, heavy engineering, machine tools and FMCG. More pertinently, we have used the same concepts in our own business to help our clients create results far superior than our top-tier strategy strategy consulting competitors could. Most clients are surprised when they come to our office when they see how small our core operations are – because based on our results and global reach, they expect our company to have a much larger regular payroll.

Forget the outdated supply chain models of the last decade and move into the modern supply chain era. Make your company’s supply chain transformation work for you. For more details or how to start, please contact us today.

4 Major area's To Focus To Achieve Sustainability in Supply Chain 

Activity Focus

Functional Focus

Industrial Focus

Topical Focus