Every Business Today Lives or Dies by Its Supply Chain

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Supply Chain Advantage is the balancing art of product placement to meet customer demand profitably. It involves achieving balance of several key elements at several levels. Some examples of these trade-offs are – cost to serve vs. service level requirements, inventory holdings vs. spare production capacity, more frequent shipments vs. higher target inventories, trucks vs. rail, full trucks vs. full shelves. Each one of these trade-offs has profound impact on business outcomes. Supply Chain Advantage achieves optimum trade-offs to maximise profit.

What Is Supply Chain Advantage?

Supply Chain Advantage entails achieving alignment in end-to-end supply chain across all the functional silos of an organisation. At the same time it also involves engagement of staff and managers at all levels in the organisation. Read more

Why Supply Chain Advantage?

Supply Chain Advantage, conceptualised and executed properly, delivers outstanding benefits to organisations in most industry groups. The boost to profitability is achieved through both cost optimisation, as well as, revenue enhancement. Read more

Why Global Supply Chain Group?

Global Supply Chain Group possesses the right mix of skills, tools and culture to help companies win Supply Chain Advantage. All three are necessary to achieve the outstanding results. Read more