Want Supply Chain Training That Actually Sticks in People's Minds For Ever?

Find Out More About Supply Chain Gamification

How to make complex and abstract supply chain concepts  easy to grasp, and make them stick?

Select and emotionalise the concept

Key question: Out of hundreds of supply chain concepts, which ones are worthy of gamification, and why?

You can suggest concepts that are important to you!

Develop games with similar emotional feelings

Key question: Which game will foster emotional state similar to success with the chosen concept!

You can participate in the games testing 

Test the games, improve and run workshops 

Key question: How to turn the game into successful workshops making the lessons sticky and handy!

You can run the workshop in your company!

We believe that supply chain learning should be easy!

Vivek Sood

"Mr Supply Chain"

Have you ever grappled with a conundrum?

I mean a dilemma so big that it consumes all your free mental capacity for days?

A few years ago, I was grappling with a conundrum - how to make my kids learn financial responsibility. No matter how much I taught them, it seemed that the concepts were just too boring, or abstract, or complex. It was a very difficult training exercise, largely unsuccessful. 

Until out of the blue, a wise old friend gifted our family a set of monopoly game. 

First time we started playing Monopoly as a family, I was amazed to see the transformation of my kids. Their interest was intense. They wanted to play past midnight to 'finish the game'. More importantly, within hours they were teaching me things that I had been struggling to show them for months. 

A light bulb went on in my head - what if we use similar games for complex and abstract supply chain concepts. 

That is how our SUPPLY CHAIN GAMIFICATION was born. We created games, tested them, and used them in a number of workshops. The transformation in the training rooms was equally amazing.

And this is just the beginning!

Our mission is to help make all supply chain learning easy. That's why we created supply chain gamification and continue to invest in making it ever more popular everyday. 

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