Supply Chain Links

Electronic document trading system
British and international maritime bodies
Baltic and International Maritime Council
UK Chamber of Shipping
Centre for Dispute Resolution
Hazardous Materials Advisory Council
International Maritime Organization
International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea
Inmarsat – Global satellite communications network
London Court of International Arbitration 
London Maritime Arbitrators Association
The Baltic Exchange
J & H Marsh McLennan
Willis Limited
British Broadcasting Corporation World Service
Articles in Arabic, Russian, Chinese and Japanese
Buyer’s Guide
Dow Jones
Glossary of international trade terms
International Petroleum Exchange
London Stock Exchange
London Metal Exchange
New York Stock Exchange
Cargo Port Links
Links to various ports and terminals worldwide
Lloyd’s of London
Cargo Information
Australian Manual of Safe Loading, Ocean Transport and Discharge Practices for Dry Bulk Commodities
Cambridge Reefer Technology
Specialists in carriage and storage of perishable foodstuffs
Classification Societies
American Bureau of Shipping
Bureau Veritas
China Classification Society
Det Norske Veritas
Germanischer Lloyd
International Association of Classification Societies
Korean Register of Shipping
Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
Nippon Kaiji Kyokai
Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
Company Registration
England and Wales
Hong Kong
Republic of Ireland
DOT Office of Hazardous Materials Safety
Detailed safety information on a wide range of chemicals and hazardous materials
Hazardous Materials Advisory Council
International Cargo Handling Co-ordination Association
International Centre for Commercial Law
Institute of Marine Studies, University of Plymouth
Institute of Marine Technology, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Nautical Institute
European Shipping Pages
A site providing links to European Shipping sites
European Union
European legal sources
Database of ISM Code certificated vessels
Finance and International Trade
The Baltic Exchange
Fixed premium
Axa Global Risks, Paris
Intercoastal Shipowners P & I. B.V, Rotterdam
Raets Club, Rotterdam
Flags of the World
Database of national, international, organisation and corporate flags
Governmental Bodies
Australia – Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Australia – Marine Incident Investigation Unit
Canada – Canadian Ministry of Transport
Hong Kong – Hong Kong Marine Department
Japan – Japanese Maritime Safety Agency
Russia – Russia Pacific Port State Control Centre
United Kingdom – Maritime & Coastguard Agency
United Kingdom – Marine Accident Investigation Branch
United Kingdom – Shipping Directorate of Department of Environment, Transportation & the Regions
United States of America – United States Coastguard
United States of America – US Environmental Protection Agency
United States of America – US Federal Maritime Commission
United States of America – US Maritime Administration
United States of America – US National Response Center
Website provides all British statutes and statutory instruments
International association representing bulk carriers, OBOs and general cargo ships
International Association of Independent Tanker Owners
International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation
Lloyds of London
Website provides details of International Conventions and ratifications
International Chamber of Shipping & International Shipping Federation
Regulatory and general developments affecting the maritime industry
Maritime and Coastguard Agency
Marine Accident Investigation Bureau
Nautical Institute
Oil Companies International Marine Forum
International Salvage Union
International Association of Salvage Companies
Institute of Maritime Law, University of Southampton
Website provides details of UK and US international statutes and case reports, relevant Conventions, shipping companies and oil pollution resources
British Maritime Law Association
Publishers of Lloyd’s List, Books and Newsletters relating to Maritime Issues
Los Alamos National Laboratory – Chemical Safety Program.
Information on chemical characteristics and compatabilities. How to respond to chemical spills.
Grain and Feed Trade Association
London Maritime Arbitrators Association
Website provides a guide to arbitration in London and biographies of members of the Association
Maritime Data
A site providing information on shipowners worldwide
Marine Link
Marine Publishing Group
Maritime Global Net.
A host site for over 5000 maritime related companies and organisations
MRC Investigations
Nautical Institute
Satellite Observing Systems
Provides links to shipping guides and other information relating to Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru & Uruguay
Media Services
Financial Times
Moscow Times-Russia
New York Times-USA
South China Morning Post-Hong Kong
The Straits Times-Singapore
The Times-London
The Daily Telegraph
The Guardian
The Guardian & The Observer
The Independent
The Business Times-Singapore
The Gulf News-UAE
London Club
North of England P & I Association
Shipowners Club
Standard Club
Steamship Mutual
Swedish Club
Oil spills and accidents Australia
Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Canadian Transport Emergency Centre
International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund
International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation
National Response Team
US National Response Center-this is the sole federal point of contact for reporting oil and chemical pollution occurring at sea
Port State Control
Asia Pacific
Paris MOU – consists of 18 maritime administrations in Europe and North America, aiming to eliminate operation of sub-standard shipping through the harmonisation of Port State Control
South America
Bahamas Maritime Authority
Cyprus Registry of Shipping
Hong Kong Shipping Register
Indian Register of Shipping
Isle of Man Shipping
Istanbul Bureau of Shipping & Survey
Korean Register of Shipping
Norwegian International Ship Register
Panama Directorate General of Consular & Maritime Affairs
Polish Register of Shipping
St Vincent & The Grenadines Maritime Administration
International News AgencySurveyors
A.R. Brink & Associates, Durban
London Offshore-UK, Northern Europe, Gulf, Far East, USA and Australia
McAusland & Turner, Hull
SCD Charts
Suppliers of UK Admiralty charts
Sea Companion World Marine Index
Provides information on marine organisations, institutions and companies
Sea Net
Provides a range of information, trading and communication services for the global shipping industry
Sugar Information
Site providing information on all aspects of sugar
The Electronic Shipping Guide
A guide to the container shipping industry
Thomas Miller
Website Providing links to UK club, TT club and ITIC
West of England P & I Club
Trade Compass
Provides Information on electronic services and products designed to assist e-commerce
UK government website for people doing business overseas, covering many aspects of trading with different countries
British Broadcasting Corporation
Weekly Shipping Newspaper
University of California Davies
Site providing advice on the post- harvest handling of fruit and vegetables
Videotel Marine
Providers of training materials and videos to the marine industry
Warsash Maritime Centre
Institute of Maritime Law, University of Southampton
Providers of Education, Training, Research and Consultancy services to the maritime industry
Hong Kong
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States of America
United States of America
World Ports
Database providing information on 905 world ports, port distances, oil prices, agents, brokers and shipyards in 105 countries
World Customs Organisation
Intergovernmental Organisation of Customs Authorities