Every Business Today Lives or Dies by Its Supply Chain

Live a little Better 

At Global Supply Chain Group, our aim is to cut through the jungle, give you simple supply chain solutions so we can make a dollar and you can save a lot on your consulting fees and supply chain operations.

You’ve come to the great business where senior supply chain professionals are passionate about what they do, so let’s try to join your needs and budget with our spread of training, and get back to doing what we do best which is running our own companies.

About our supply chain training
  • This training provides the highest Return-on-Investment (ROI) – much higher than other projects such as software, consulting and outsourcing.
  •  We don’t just recycle materials from theories and supply chain books – we propel your people to action.
  •  All courses are run by world renowned trainers, authors, thought leaders and supply chain experts. And we have about 30 of them at hand.
  •  Courses are customised to get the best contribution of your people while they feel good about contributing their best.
  •  A series of courses at strategic intervals achieves the best results.
Our Supply Chain Courses
  • Custom built – You get to choose the content from one day courses and modular courses.
  • Structured in 3 levels – Start from scratch and move to the cutting edge of supply chain management’s knowledge base.
  • Flexible format, deliver 3 days in a row, or with gaps in between.
  • Save on external consulting fees by utilizing internal human resources.
  • Completely private – Bring from 4 to 30 people from the same company.
  • Specialist body of knowledge in one important aspect of supply chain — Train your staff with experts.
  • Cover one topic in-depth or a range of topics — Versatile enough to provide depth or breadth as desired.
  • Can combine two or more courses to provide a wider exposure — Please talk to us for customization.
  • Practical knowledge that really works in your company — See the impact on productivity and effectiveness the next day.
  • Bring everyone to the same, elevated, level of knowledge base — So they can play together and win the supply chain game against your competition.
  • The most versatile type of supply chain training.
  •  Choose from a list of strategic, operational, tactical or executional training modules.
  •  Other courses also available on request. All courses can accommodate from 4 – 60 people.

If people are your best resources – then why not set them up for success? For more information on pricing and supply chain training modules, contact us now for the full brochure.