In Supply Chains Opportunity Only Knocks Once

Free chapters of the book THE 5-STAR BUSINESS NETWORKS for senior executives and CXOs reveal secrets of how to leverage technologies and techniques of supply chain winners to create formidable lead and impermeable advantage over competitors. These chapters are only available for limited time by sending an email to For more information on the book, go

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This Week In America Interviews Vivek Sood on 5-STAR Business Network

Topic:The 5-STAR Business Networks Interviewer: Ric Bratton of This Week In America Interviewee: Vivek Sood of Global Supply Chain Group (author of The 5-STAR Business Networks) Here is a video of the interview: Get It Now Here is the entire transcript of the interview: Ric Bratton: Welcome back everybody! This Week In America, thank you for joining us!

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