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Will Alibaba and its 40 million accomplices ride roughshod over Corporate America?


Now that all the factories have moved to China (or some such places as Vietnam, Bangladesh, Taiwan), and all the customers have moved to the PC (or some such places as mobile phones or tablets) what will happen to all the middlemen? The retailers, the wholesalers, the shopping centres, the warehouse parks, the dealers, the […]

What Businesses Can Gain from the Transformation of Brazilian Soccer – Part 4/4

This is the concluding entry in this series of blogs – where I reminisced about my experiences from learning to play hockey in India, and watching Brazilian soccer transformation over the past several decades. In the first blog in this series I wrote about the Brazilian soccer teams’ transformation from an individualistic style of play to a […]

Australia leads the way to Globalisation with triple FTA with Asia’s big three

Australia is talking with ministers from Japan, Korea and China to finalise Free Trade Agreements with the trio ahead of Tony Abbott‘s visit to Asia in April. On Wednesday, Japan’s Farm Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi and Australia’s Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb failed to reach a consensus on tariff elimination. However, they confirmed negotiations would […]

As China’s economic slowdown surprises analysts, what more can its companies do to spur growth?

China’s economic slowdown has surprised analysts this week, with a number of key performance figures failing to reach predicted levels. Annual growth dropped to 7.7% for the January to March 2013 quarter, from 7.9% in the previous quarter. Industrial output rose only 8.9%, against analysts’ predictions of 10%, and fixed asset investment rose at an […]