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Products, customers, competitors, subsidiaries, countries, and partners, all increasing: are they making your business too complex?

Every company wants to improve its results, and to do so, they can use very different ways. The most common ways they use to achieve this goal are whether improvement of the quality or the reduction of their costs. How do they do? What methods do they use? They want to sell more products, in […]

Complexity Management

Although this title can seem a little absurd, this article aims at understanding better the principles of complexity management. In effect, complexity is a large concept, which usually seems unmanageable for most managers. Let us start with the pillars of complexity management for businesses. Strategy Alignment Most projects fail because this condition is not respected. […]

Complicated Systems vs. Complex Systems

Complex organisations have always existed, but we have to admit that the level of complexity has tremendously increased over the past centuries, especially over the past decades. Complexity now touches everyone, and every organisation. This is something unavoidable, and that is the reason why companies have to learn how to manage it, how to live […]