Will Amazon Meet Its Waterloo In India

Will Amazon Meet Its Waterloo In India

Sooner or later every empire builder starts a campaign which is too ambitious, too audacious and too resource sapping. That is the first thought which came to my mind as I read in this morning’s paper that Amazon was making two moves – one into Grocery Shopping, and other into the Indian Online retail market. […]

New Business Models For The New World


About Business Models. I write my blog mostly because I enjoy writing on the topics I cover. But I have noticed an interesting side-effect which is starting to bring home to me the power of electronic media and blogs. I never thought that the effect will be so direct, immediate and measurable, but I notice […]

Why Collaboration Is The NEW Advantage?

Collaboration Is The NEW Advantage

Collaboration Is The NEW Advantage in Supply Chain For decades, if not centuries, the economists have been extolling the virtues of competition. No doubt, competition unleashes forces lying dormant within human psyche – forces of of one-upmanship, jealousy, keep up with the jones, and similar nature. Of course, the economists rarely look into the psyche […]

Coming Re-Alignment Of The Natural Gas Supply Chains On A Global Scale

Corporate World In 2015

The Natural Gas Supply Chains Coming Re-Alignment Of The Natural Gas Supply Chains On A Global Scale, And Its Impact On Downstream Petro-Chemical Manufacturing Traditionally, the natural gas market in Europe was served by Russia, while Asia got most of its natural gas from the Middle East. That is why prices of natural gas in […]

Confronting Business World Change: How To Adapt Your Business Network Properly

Confronting Business. 5-STAR Business Networks News

About Confronting Business Business networks have changed through the ages and they have become greater and greater, reaching a worldwide scale. Nowadays, companies have to learn how to manage the business networks’ changes and its expansion over the world. However, somehow, our current business networks are not new at all and have already existed in […]

How To Use Social Media Successfully

Social Media Successfully Social Media Marketing

Social Media Successfully Although social medias are crucial for your communication strategy, they can also be deadly for your business if you do not use them intelligently. There are some important rules and conditions for success by using social medias, and you have to understand them before starting to interfere with social medias. Your customers […]