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Why Logistics Companies Get Away With Extra-ordinary Practices and Pricing?

No other industry, barring IT, treats its buyers with as much disdain and contempt at the logistics industry. To make it palatable they mix just the right amount of respectful words in between. If you are not exposed to the world I am talking about, I am sure you would find this hard to believe,

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Uses and misuses of benchmarks in supply chain management

There are lies, damned lies and statistics. Benjamin Disraeli Benchmarks are a peculiarly virulent form of statistics which can be used to make a positive change, or misused to make a dodgy sale. On one hand a benchmark, such as a world record in 100m race, can motivate an athlete to perform better and better

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Who Hijacked Your Supply Chain?

I do not publish too many posts on LinkedIn any more because of ‘Gresham’s Law‘. However, once in a while I still publish content that would be relevant to that platform. I was delivering the keynote speech at the Quintiq World Tour recently at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore – where I met over 200 supply chain

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When Supply Chain Confusion Can Kill Business

Supply Chain Confusion – Have you Encountered It? What is Supply Chain Confusion all about? I am a very social person and I tend to go and visit my alumni meetings for IMD, for Harvard, for Australian Graduate School of Management, Chartered Financial Analyst and many other institutes that I am a member of. And,

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